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Trivia Quiz - The Andy Griffith Show Name Game

What's in a name? In Mayberry it was everything! -bill

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Author: bill
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The Andy Griffith Show Name Game
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1. The producers identified Barney with three different full names in the series. Which one of the following did they never use?
  A.   Bernard Wilbur Fife
  B.   Bernard P. Fife
  C.   Bernard Milton Fife
  D.   Bernard Oliver Fife

2. What is the first name of Ernest T. Bass' girlfriend who he meets at a party thrown at the home of the uppity Ms. Wiley in the episode entitled "My Fair Ernest T. Bass?"
  A.   Renata
  B.   Ramona
  C.   Renita
  D.   Roberta

3. Floyd Lawson, town barber, was originally known by what name?
  A.   Floyd Clayton
  B.   Floyd Colby
  C.   Floyd Lipton
  D.   Floyd Fisher

4. What big-framed farmer came to Mayberry to find a wife?
  A.   Jeff Pruitt
  B.   Jeff Pierce
  C.   Jeff Pike
  D.   Jeff Perkins

5. Gomer's cousin, Goober Pyle, was originally known by what name?
  A.   Goober Davis
  B.   Goober Beasley
  C.   Goober Grambling
  D.   Goober Calums

6. What was the first name of Mrs. Lesch's departed husband?
  A.   Edward
  B.   Stewart
  C.   Bernard
  D.   Bradley

7. Who was the handyman who mooched off the Taylors?
  A.   Henry Walker
  B.   Harry Wrangler
  C.   Harry Wheeler
  D.   Henry Wheeler

8. By what name did Aunt Bea's good friend, Clara Edwards go by in the early episodes?
  A.   Clara Tyler
  B.   Clara Stiles
  C.   Clara Pettiforth
  D.   Clara Johnson

9. Which one of the following was not one of the Darling boys?
  A.   Rodney
  B.   Dean
  C.   Marvin
  D.   Mitch

10. Millie's last name was:
  A.   Hutchins
  B.   Haskins
  C.   Simpkins
  D.   Tompkins®   

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