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Trivia Quiz - Australian Prime Ministers: Part 3

More little-known facts about the people who have led Australia.

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Date Submitted: January 28, 2012
Quiz Categories: Australian History, Australian Prime Ministers
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Australian Prime Ministers Part 3
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1. Which Prime Minister was born out of wedlock, served in World War II and loved chasing women and having a good time with alcohol?
  A.   Paul Keating
  B.   Gough Whitlam
  C.   John Gorton
  D.   William McMahon

2. Which early Prime Minister was strongly opposed to drinking, smoking and gambling, was a British loyalist and largely forgotten mostly due to his serious manner?
  A.   Edmund Barton
  B.   Alfred Deakin
  C.   William Hughes
  D.   Joseph Cook

3. Who was Prime Minister when government was transferred from Melbourne to Canberra, fought at Gallipoli in World War I and who also won a Military Cross and Croix de Guerre?
  A.   Stanley Bruce
  B.   Joseph Lyons
  C.   James Scullin
  D.   Robert Menzies

4. Which Prime Minister allowed Britain to explode four atomic bombs in Australia, did not serve in World War I or II but introduced conscription?
  A.   Ben Chifley
  B.   Harold Holt
  C.   Robert Menzies
  D.   John Gorton

5. Who was the first Prime Minister to die in office, led Australia from 1932 to 1939 and whose wife also became a federal politician?
  A.   Alfred Deakin
  B.   James Scullin
  C.   Joseph Lyons
  D.   Frank Forde

6. Which Prime Minister didn't attend his mother's funeral, stated Australia would "go all the way wth LBJ" and was the third PM to die in office?
  A.   Harold Holt
  B.   William McMahon
  C.   John Gorton
  D.   Gough Whitlam

7. Which Prime Minister was suspected of conducting three extra-marital affairs, began the Snowy Mountains Scheme and nationalized Australia's QANTAS airline?
  A.   John Curtin
  B.   Ben Chifley
  C.   Robert Menzies
  D.   William McMahon

8. Who was the first, and so far only, Prime Minister to have served time in jail?
  A.   Alfred Deakin
  B.   John Curtin
  C.   Arthur Fadden
  D.   Earle Page

9. Which Prime Minister had the nickname of "Toby Tosspot", was a great indulger in alcohol and believed the white race to be supreme?
  A.   Edmund Barton
  B.   Robert Menzies
  C.   John Howard
  D.   William McMahon

10. Which Prime Minister threw a glass of water in parliament over an opponent, was the only PM to have been raised in Canberra and objected to Vietnamese refugees coming to Australia?
  A.   Malcolm Fraser
  B.   John Gorton
  C.   Gough Whitlam
  D.   William McMahon®   

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