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Trivia Quiz - Classic Cocktails

How well do you know some of the history, trivia and facts of well-known cocktails? All the possible answers are names of real cocktails.

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Date Submitted: February 03, 2012
Quiz Categories: Food & Drink
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Classic Cocktails
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1. What cocktail is made from vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, Worcester, salt and pepper?
  A.   Pink Lady
  B.   Bloody Mary
  C.   Harvey Wallbanger
  D.   Singapore Sling

2. What cocktail is made from lemon or lime juice, rum and sugar?
  A.   Stinger
  B.   Tequila Sunrise
  C.   Daiquiri
  D.   Merry Widow

3. What cocktail is made from tequila, lemon juice, curacao in a salted glass?
  A.   Tequila Sunrise
  B.   Margarita
  C.   Singapore Sling
  D.   Angel's Kiss

4. Which American-named cocktail is made from whiskey, vermouth, bitters and a maraschino cherry
  A.   Alaska
  B.   Bronx
  C.   Brooklyn
  D.   Manhattan

5. Which interestingly named cocktail is made from whiskey, mango juice, pineapple, lime juice, creme de banana and egg white?
  A.   Trouser Rouser
  B.   Butt Wobbler
  C.   Floppy Dick
  D.   Buttock Clencher

6. Which lady-named cocktail is made from gin, grenadine and egg white?
  A.   Pink Lady
  B.   Black Widow
  C.   Cinderella
  D.   White Lady

7. Which explosive cocktail is made from brandy, coffee liqueur and egg white?
  A.   TNT
  B.   Torpedo
  C.   Depth Charge
  D.   Whizz-Bang

8. Which male-named cocktail is made from vodka, orange juice and Galliano?
  A.   Rob Roy
  B.   Bobby Burns
  C.   Harvey Wallbanger
  D.   Tom Collins

9. What cocktail favoured by those in Southern USA features bourbon, sugar syrup and mint?
  A.   Merry Widow
  B.   Pina Colada
  C.   Orange Blossom
  D.   Mint Juleep

10. What dangerous sounding cocktail is made from whiskey and Drambuie?
  A.   Triple Testosterone
  B.   Rusty Nail
  C.   Knock Out Punch
  D.   Earthquake®   

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