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Trivia Quiz - To Sir, With Love

Take my quiz on this timeless, inspiring Sidney Poitier film.

Quiz Number: 4312
Date Submitted: February 17, 2012
Quiz Categories: Drama Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 60.4 percent
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To Sir With Love
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1. What was Mr. Thackeray's major in college?
  A.   education
  B.   communication engineering
  C.   law
  D.   psychology

2. Where was Mr. Thackeray born?
  A.   British Guiana
  B.   California
  C.   Guam
  D.   South Africa

3. Who challenged Mr. Thackeray to a boxing match?
  A.   Denham
  B.   Jackson
  C.   Purcell
  D.   Sapiano

4. Who sang to Mr. Thackeray at the dance?
  A.   Miss Blanchard
  B.   Miss Clark
  C.   Miss Joseph
  D.   Miss Pegg

5. Who broke the vault in gym class?
  A.   Buckley
  B.   Florian
  C.   Hackman
  D.   Ingram

6. Which of the following was NOT an ingredient in Mr. Thackeray's salad?
  A.   almonds
  B.   pineapple
  C.   raisins
  D.   tomatoes

7. Which girl had a crush on Mr. Thackeray?
  A.   Babs
  B.   Gillian
  C.   Pamela
  D.   Sally

8. Who started a fight with the gym teacher?
  A.   Fernman
  B.   Potter
  C.   Seales
  D.   Weston

9. Where did Mr. Thackeray's class go on their first field trip?
  A.   amusement park
  B.   museum
  C.   candle factory
  D.   public library

10. According to Mr. Thackeray, _______ was scary.
  A.   adulthood
  B.   marriage
  C.   the real world
  D.   the truth®   

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