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Trivia Quiz - The Brady Bunch - Peter Brady

What do you know about Peter Brady of The Brady Bunch? "pork chops and applesauce!" -Bill

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The Brady Bunch  Peter Brady
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1. When Peter called the hotel where Davy Jones was staying, he told the operator that he was an old friend and part of a famous group called:
  A.   Cool Rockers Incorporated
  B.   Pete and the Gang
  C.   The Mustangs
  D.   The Three Desperadoes

2. What was the name of the baseball team that Peter and Greg played on?
  A.   The Rockets
  B.   The Chimps
  C.   The Dragons
  D.   The Panthers

3. What conflicted with Peter's football practice?
  A.   Debate Club
  B.   French Club
  C.   Chess Club
  D.   Glee Club

4. Who did Peter rescue from the school bully, Buddy Hinton?
  A.   Cindy
  B.   Bobby
  C.   Oliver
  D.   Jan

5. Cindy hired "Sherlock Peter" to find what?
  A.   Her camera
  B.   Mike's graphing calculator
  C.   Carol's earrings
  D.   Her slippers

6. Who plans revenge on Peter after he starts eavesdropping on conversations with a tape recorder?
  A.   Alice
  B.   Greg and Marcia
  C.   Greg and Bobby
  D.   Marcia and Jan

7. What creature climbs up Peter's blanket while he is vacationing in Hawaii?
  A.   A tarantula
  B.   A scorpion
  C.   A mouse
  D.   A black widow spider

8. Peter auditions for the role of George Washington, but ends up playing the role of whom?
  A.   Thomas Jefferson
  B.   Benjamin Franklin
  C.   Benedict Arnold
  D.   Sam Adams

9. How does Bobby save Peter's life?
  A.   He keeps him from being hit by a falling ladder
  B.   He pulls him out of a pit
  C.   He warns him of an oncoming car he doesn't see
  D.   He pulls him in the window after the ladder falls

10. Whose personality does Peter "steal?"
  A.   Jimmy Stewart
  B.   Bob Hope
  C.   James Dean
  D.   Humphrey Bogart®   

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