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Trivia Quiz - Dick Vitale: "Vitale-isms!"

This is a quiz on Dick Vitale's Vitale-isms.Vocabulary phrases started by Dickie V.I'll give you the meaning of the word or phrase and you give me the Vitale-ism.

Quiz Number: 4364
Date Submitted: March 21, 2012
Quiz Categories: TV Sportscasters, College Basketball - Men's
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
Average Score: 52.4 percent
Times Taken: 83 times
Taken by Registered Users: 1
Quiz is about: Dick Vitale

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Dick Vitale Vitale isms
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1. an outstanding freshman player:
  A.   A-1 Saucer
  B.   Baby Bouncer
  C.   Cream Puff Delight
  D.   Diaper Dandy

2. an up and down, inconsistent player:
  A.   Market Crasher
  B.   Dow-Joneser
  C.   Stock Watcher
  D.   Portfolio Waste

3. a knee knocker:
  A.   A Close Game
  B.   Banging Bodies under the net
  C.   Kicking the Basketball
  D.   Hitting a shot while falling down

4. a mismatch:
  A.   No Contest
  B.   Wasted Space
  C.   An M&Mer
  D.   Trash Can

5. eats you alive on defense:
  A.   Mr..Pac Man
  B.   Party Favorite
  C.   Pirahna-donna
  D.   Collecting the Carbs

6. a superstar:
  A.   A-1 Sauce
  B.   Big City Baller
  C.   Royal Slendor
  D.   Surf and Turfer

7. what you get when your shot is rejected in your face:
  A.   A Reject-a-Roonie
  B.   A Burger and Fries
  C.   A Wilson Sandwich
  D.   Salted

8. NCAA Tournament Time, where the underachievers get their desserts:
  A.   Banana Split
  B.   Strawberry Shortcake
  C.   Cream Puff Delight
  D.   Dipped in Chocolate

9. a player passes the ball:
  A.   Walked the Wilson
  B.   Dishes the Rock
  C.   Played the Player
  D.   Gave up the Dish

10. he drives, he draws, he dishes:
  A.   PT Player
  B.   Does the Doughnut
  C.   It's Awesome Baby
  D.   3-D Man®   

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