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Trivia Quiz - Mickey Redmond

What do you know about Mickey Redmond?

Quiz Number: 4390
Date Submitted: March 28, 2012
Quiz Categories: NHL Hockey
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: charles
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Quiz is about: Mickey Redmond

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Mickey Redmond
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1. In what country was Mickey Redmond born and raised?
  A.   Canada
  B.   Russia
  C.   Sweden
  D.   U.S.

2. In 1972-1973, Mickey Redmond became the first player in Red Wings history to score how many goals in a single season?
  A.   30
  B.   40
  C.   50
  D.   60

3. What position did Mickey Redmond play?
  A.   Left Wing
  B.   Center
  C.   Defenceman
  D.   Right Wing

4. In the 1974-1975 season Mickey Redmond sustained what type of injury after playing 29 games into the season?
  A.   Neck
  B.   Leg
  C.   Back
  D.   Arm

5. What team did Mickey Redmond play on before playing for the Detroit Red Wings?
  A.   Montreal Canadiens
  B.   New York Rangers
  C.   Saint Louis Blues
  D.   Edmonton Oilers

6. Mickey Redmond has a younger brother who also played for the NHL. What was his younger brothers name?
  A.   John
  B.   Dick
  C.   Jake
  D.   Ken

7. What was Mickey Redmond's jersey number?
  A.   30
  B.   20
  C.   25
  D.   21

8. How old was Mickey Redmond when he retired early due to his previous injury?
  A.   30
  B.   29
  C.   31
  D.   28

9. What was the first minor league team Mickey Redmond played for?
  A.   Houston Apollos
  B.   Peterborough Petes
  C.   Grand Rapids Griffins
  D.   Chicago Wolves

10. Mickey Redmond is now a color analyst and broadcaster for the Detroit Red Wings on what TV network?
  A.   Fox Sports Detroit
  B.   NHL Network
  C.   ESPN
  D.   NBC Sports®   

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