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Trivia Quiz - Samuel Johnson - Man of Letters

A quiz on Dr Johnson whose scholarly approach standardized the English language.

Quiz Number: 4415
Date Submitted: April 15, 2012
Quiz Categories: Authors, British History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Samuel Johnson

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Samuel Johnson  Man of Letters
(Image Source: Samuel Johnson Public Domain Image)

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1. In which century did Dr Johnson live?
  A.   16th
  B.   17th
  C.   18th
  D.   19th

2. In what field did Samuel Johnson receive his doctorate?
  A.   medicine
  B.   literature
  C.   philosophy
  D.   law

3. What was Dr Johnson's early career choice?
  A.   teaching
  B.   medicine
  C.   journalism
  D.   law

4. What was the age difference between Dr Johnson and his wife, Elizabeth?
  A.   She was 10 years his junior
  B.   He was 10 years her junior
  C.   She was 20 years his junior
  D.   He was 20 years her junior

5. Who was the celebrated biographer of much of Dr Johnson's life?
  A.   David Garrick
  B.   John Hawkins
  C.   James Boswell
  D.   Oliver Goldsmith

6. How long did it take Dr Johnson to write his famous dictionary?
  A.   one year
  B.   five years
  C.   nine years
  D.   fifteen years

7. Dr Johnson loved nothing more than to be in the collegial company of friends. What was his select group known as?
  A.   The Round Table
  B.   The Club
  C.   The Circle
  D.   The Group

8. For what crime was Dr Johnson arrested?
  A.   libel
  B.   debt
  C.   public drunkeness
  D.   plagiarism

9. Of which writer's works did Dr Johnson publish a revised and critical edition?
  A.   Shakespeare
  B.   Milton
  C.   Bacon
  D.   Chaucer

10. With what affliction has Dr Johnson been posthumously diagnosed?
  A.   Asperger's syndrome
  B.   Autism
  C.   Schizophrenia
  D.   Tourette's syndrome®   

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