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Trivia Quiz - Kiss Basics #2

This is a quiz on the 1970's Iconic Rock Band Kiss.

Quiz Number: 4503
Date Submitted: May 22, 2012
Quiz Categories: Glam Rock, KISS
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Kiss Basics 2
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1. Both Paul Stanley & Gene Simmons were in what band before forming Kiss?
  A.   Lipps
  B.   Twisted Saga
  C.   Wicked Lester
  D.   Soul Survivor

2. Which member of the band actually created the Kiss logo?
  A.   Paul Stanley
  B.   Ace Frehley
  C.   Peter Criss
  D.   Gene Simmons

3. Which member of the band actually came up with the Band's name of Kiss?
  A.   Paul Stanley
  B.   Gene Simmons
  C.   Peter Criss
  D.   Ace Frehley

4. Which record label signed Kiss to their first recording contract?
  A.   Sun Records
  B.   RCA Records
  C.   Epic Records
  D.   Casablanca Records

5. Kiss made their very first television appearance on what show?
  A.   Dick Clark's In Concert
  B.   The Tonight Show
  C.   The Ed Sullivan Show
  D.   Dick Clark's Rock the Night

6. Which Kiss song became the group's trademark song?
  A.   Detroit Rock City
  B.   Beth
  C.   Hard Luck Woman
  D.   Rock and Roll All Night

7. KISS starred in one major motion film entitled what?
  A.   Kiss and The Demon
  B.   Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park
  C.   From Outer Space
  D.   Kiss goes in Space

8. Anton Fig did most of the drum work on the album "Dynasty" while Peter was recovering from what?
  A.   A bad Bout with the Flu
  B.   Hip Surgery
  C.   An Automobile Accident
  D.   Drug Addiction

9. The band replaced Peter Criss with what drummer in 1980?
  A.   Anton Fig
  B.   Eric Singer
  C.   Vinnie Vincent
  D.   Paul Caravello

10. Who did the band replace Ace Frehley with on lead guitar in 1982?
  A.   Mark St.John
  B.   Vinnie Vincent
  C.   Bruce Kulick
  D.   Tommy Thayer®   

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