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Trivia Quiz - F Troop Special Guests

An easy quiz for F Troop fans. You provide the name of the guest stars who appeared in this comedy classic.

Quiz Number: 4515
Date Submitted: June 04, 2012
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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F Troop Special Guests

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1. Which actor appeared in an episode of F Troop as the Singing Mountie but was really the Burglar of Banff?
  A.   Tony Randall
  B.   Peter Falk
  C.   Paul Lynde
  D.   Buddy Ebsen

2. Which actor portrayed the 147 year old Indian chief by the name of Flaming Arrow in an episode of F Troop?
  A.   Phil Harris
  B.   Don Rickles
  C.   Edward Everett Horton
  D.   Paul Lynde

3. Which later M*A*S*H* star appeared in F Troop as Standup Bull?
  A.   Harry Morgan
  B.   Alan Alda
  C.   Mike Farrell
  D.   Jamie Farr

4. Which well-known western actor played the role of Sam Urp in F Troop?
  A.   Jack Elam
  B.   James Arness
  C.   Ty Hardin
  D.   Dan Blocker

5. Which elegant actress took the role of Lily O'Reilly in F Troop where she was a saloon owner in opposition to Sargeant O'Rourke?
  A.   Anne Bancroft
  B.   Lee Meriwether
  C.   Julie Newmar
  D.   Eartha Kitt

6. Which famed comedian played a crooked Indian detective known as Wise Owl in an episode of F Troop?
  A.   Don Knotts
  B.   Don Adams
  C.   Jack Benny
  D.   Milton Berle

7. Which star appeared in the F Troop episode "Wilton the Kid" as the myopic Sheriff Pat Lawton?
  A.   Harvey Korman
  B.   Sterling Holloway
  C.   Rich Little
  D.   Red Skelton

8. Bald Eagle was the sometimes-seen son of Wild Eagle. Who played this character in a number of F Troop episodes?
  A.   Danny Thomas
  B.   Jerry Van Dyke
  C.   Don Rickles
  D.   Buddy Hackett

9. Which luscious lady played the part of Marika the Gypsy in an episode of F Troop?
  A.   Julie Newmar
  B.   Zsa Zsa Gabor
  C.   Goldie Hawn
  D.   Betty White

10. Who played the pasty-faced Count Schwarzer from Transylvania in an episode of F Troop?
  A.   Vincent Price
  B.   Bela Lugosi
  C.   Lon Chaney Jr
  D.   Christopher Lee®   

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