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Trivia Quiz - Arnold Palmer - Golfing Pioneer

This is a quiz on golfing pioneer Arnold Palmer whose success on the tour during the days of early television brought more fame to the game. Great Arnold Palmer trivia and facts!

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Date Submitted: June 24, 2012
Quiz Categories: Golf, TV Sportscasters
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Quiz is about: Arnold D Palmer

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Arnold Palmer  Golfing Pioneer
(Image Source: Arnold Palmer)

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1. What was Arnold's nickname while on the PGA Tour?
  A.   The Shark
  B.   The Master
  C.   The King
  D.   The Golden Bear

2. Arnold received a golf scholarship to play golf for what university?
  A.   USC
  B.   Wake Forest
  C.   Clemson
  D.   UCLA

3. Arnold left college after three years to join what?
  A.   The United States Navy
  B.   The United States Army
  C.   The PGA Tour
  D.   United States Coast Guard

4. How many Masters did Arnold win during his PGA Career?
  A.   4
  B.   3
  C.   5
  D.   6

5. In 2004, Arnold marked a milestone of consecutive appearances in the Masters Tournament. How many consecutive years was it?
  A.   60
  B.   50
  C.   40
  D.   30

6. Arnold help negotiate the deal to build the first golf course in what country?
  A.   Greece
  B.   Turkey
  C.   Japan
  D.   China

7. Arnold was the first golfer to be awarded what honor?
  A.   Presidential Medal of Freedom
  B.   Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  C.   Induction into the PGA Hall of Fame
  D.   $1,000,000 in Career Earnings

8. Other than golf, Arnold has been avid in what else for over 50 years?
  A.   Bowling
  B.   Pool
  C.   Piloting
  D.   Golf Course Designing

9. What event did Arnold win for his first professional win in 1955?
  A.   The Bob Hope Desert Classic
  B.   The U.S.Open
  C.   The British Open
  D.   The Canadian Open

10. In 2004, Arnold was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom from what former President?
  A.   Ronald Reagan
  B.   George W. Bush
  C.   George H.W.Bush
  D.   Bill Clinton®   

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