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Trivia Quiz - Too Close for Comfort

What do you know about the 80s sitcom, "Too Close for Comfort"?

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Date Submitted: July 04, 2012
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dana
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Too Close for Comfort
(Image Source: "Too Close for Comfort" intro)

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1. Henry and Muriel have two daughters, Jackie and Sara. What is the family's last name?
  A.   Raines
  B.   Rosemond
  C.   Reynolds
  D.   Rush

2. What city is the setting for the sitcom, "Too Close for Comfort"?
  A.   San Francisco, CA
  B.   San Diego, CA
  C.   Sacramento, CA
  D.   Los Angeles, CA

3. What is Muriel's occupation?
  A.   newspaper editor
  B.   free-lance photographer
  C.   college professor
  D.   music instructor

4. At the beginning of the show, Jackie was working for a bank but later becomes quite successful in what field?
  A.   computer engineering
  B.   fashion design
  C.   interior decorator
  D.   catering

5. During the second season, Henry and Muriel become parents for the third time after Muriel gives birth to a baby boy. What is the baby's name?
  A.   Andrew
  B.   Alex
  C.   Albert
  D.   Adam

6. Henry Rush is a conservative cartoonist who authors a comic strip about a cow. What is the name of the comic strip?
  A.   Aqua Cow
  B.   Super Cow
  C.   Crazy Cow
  D.   Cosmic Cow

7. Sara decides to major in communications in college and eventually snags a job with a local TV station. What is her job?
  A.   sports reporter
  B.   news anchor
  C.   weather reporter
  D.   field reporter

8. Monroe Ficas, a friend of the girls and a foil to Henry, eventually moves into the family home. In what part of the home did he live?
  A.   spare bedroom
  B.   basement
  C.   garage
  D.   attic

9. What actress played the character of Muriel's mother, Iris Martin, who came to live with the family?
  A.   Katherine Helmond‎
  B.   Joyce Randolph
  C.   Audrey Meadows
  D.   June Lockhart

10. In late 1985, several changes were made to the show, including a name change. To what was the name of the sitcom changed?
  A.   Keep it in the Family
  B.   The Ted Knight Show
  C.   The Family That Stays Together
  D.   A Comforting Family®   

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