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Trivia Quiz - Friends: TV Sitcom: Season Three Facts

Trivia and facts about the third season of the TV sitcom, "Friends."

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Date Submitted: August 04, 2012
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Friends TV Sitcom Season Three Facts
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1. In one episode, Joey is going to remove the tile from Monica's bathroom floor, but when he realised that the tiles are glued down he changed his mind. Monica complains that he left a hole in the middle of her bathroom floor. What does Joey do to fix it?
  A.   He glues the pieces of tile back
  B.   He covers it with a rug
  C.   He puts a toilet brush over the hole
  D.   He puts a flower pot over the hole

2. In The One Where No One's Ready, what do Joey and Chandler splatter on Phoebe's dress, causing her to wear a large Christmas decoration over the stain?
  A.   Barbeque sauce
  B.   Hummus
  C.   Spagetti sauce
  D.   Ketchup

3. In The One With The Jam, Joey claims that he dislodged his arm while doing what?
  A.   Jumping on the bed
  B.   Helping a girl move into her apartment
  C.   Riding a scooter
  D.   Lifting weights

4. In The One With The Hypnosis Tape, Debra Jo Rupp makes her first appearance on Friends, as Frank Jr.'s soon to be bride, Alice. How did they originally meet each other?
  A.   They met in the Central Perk coffee shop
  B.   They met in Central Park
  C.   Phoebe introduced them
  D.   Alice was Frank's home economics teacher

5. In The One With The Football, what does Chandler describe as a "troll doll nailed to a two by four"?
  A.   The Gellar Foot
  B.   The Gellar Trophy
  C.   The Gellar Cup
  D.   The Gellar Troll

6. What was Joey originally going to build when he started the entertainment center?
  A.   A mailbox
  B.   A bookshelf
  C.   A TV shelf
  D.   A table

7. In The One With The Dollhouse, Phoebe builds a dollhouse after Monica won't let her play with her's. After Phoebe's dollhouse burns up, Ross explains what happened. Where does he believe the fire originated?
  A.   In the Licorice Room
  B.   In the Aroma Room
  C.   In the attic
  D.   In the Bubble Room

8. When Ross and Rachel are breaking up, Ross sees that Rachel intends to keep his t-shirt from high school. What band does the t-shirt reference?
  A.   Dead or Alive
  B.   A Flock of Seagulls
  C.   Pet Shop Boys
  D.   Frankie Goes to Hollywood

9. When Phoebe breaks into her birth-mom's house (not knowing that the lady who lives there is her birth-mom)she is looking for a clue as to where her father is. What does Phoebe run into shortly after entering the house?
  A.   Wind chimes
  B.   A sculpture
  C.   A window
  D.   The table

10. When Ross accidently breaks a girl's leg, he offers to sell her Brown Bird Cookies for her. If he sells the most cookies, the girl get to do what?
  A.   She can go to summer camp
  B.   She can go to space camp
  C.   She can go to science camp
  D.   She can win a bicycle®   

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