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Trivia Quiz - The Real Chucky Doll

This is a tough quiz on the real chucky doll. Chucky from Child's play was loosely based off the real doll. If you would like to read more about the real "Chucky" doll, you can visit

Quiz Number: 4803
Date Submitted: November 02, 2012
Quiz Categories: Various
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dartjock
Average Score: 64.7 percent
Times Taken: 34 times
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The Real Chucky Doll
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1. The name of the real Chucky doll isn't Chucky but what?
  A.   Howie
  B.   Charles
  C.   Robert
  D.   Ralph

2. The doll was made and given to a boy named Robert Eugene Otto by a young Bohemian servant girl who had lost her little boy. What was the servant girl's job in the home?
  A.   She was Robert's nanny
  B.   She was a maid
  C.   She was a cook
  D.   She was a groundskeeper

3. The doll was dressed in a sailor suit holding a Lion and was made out of a wire frame, cloth, straw, and what?
  A.   Robert's own blood
  B.   Robert's own hair
  C.   Hair from the servant girl's dead son
  D.   Some of the bones from the servant girl's dead son

4. After the doll was made, strange events plagued the house for several years until Robert (The Doll) was placed where?
  A.   In the guest house
  B.   In the basement
  C.   In young Robert Eugene's bedroom
  D.   In the attic

5. Robert (The Boy) left home to study in France and upon receiving the house from his father's will was upset to learn that Robert (The Doll) had been locked away for years and as compensation did what for the doll?
  A.   Gave the doll to another child
  B.   Built the doll its own doll house
  C.   Built a room on the 3rd floor for the doll
  D.   Gave the doll to his wife

6. As an adult, Robert Eugene took Robert the Doll everywhere in the home with him until his death, which at the time Robert Eugene's wife did what with the doll?
  A.   Threw the doll into a fire
  B.   Sold the doll at a yard sale
  C.   Gave it away to a niece
  D.   Put it back in the attic

7. Robert's widow rented the home out with one stipulation in the lease concerning Robert the Doll. What was the stipulation?
  A.   That the doll remain the only occupant of the attic
  B.   That the doll may never enter the home again
  C.   That the doll may never leave the house
  D.   That the doll was never to be played with

8. The Doll is now very famous and besides Pacemakers, what else has been known to quit working around Robert the Doll?
  A.   watches
  B.   cameras and camera batteries
  C.   cell phones
  D.   radios

9. Where is Robert the Doll now located?
  A.   On display at the public library
  B.   In the attic of the Otto home
  C.   At a brick museum in Key West
  D.   At a Hollywood warehouse

10. People can take a picture of Robert but only if he gives them permission to do so. How does the doll give spectators his permission to take his picture?
  A.   By closing his eyes
  B.   By tilting his head
  C.   By winking
  D.   By moving his hand®   

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