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Trivia Quiz - Wendie Malick

What do you know about the life and career of Wendie Malick? Malick is a very charitable person, having served on the board of directors of the Environmental Media Association, Planned Parenthood and the Humane Society.

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Date Submitted: November 20, 2012
Quiz Categories: Television Stars, Hot In Cleveland
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Wendie Malick

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Wendie Malick
(Image Source: Wendie Malick photo credit to David Shankbone)

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1. What role did Ms. Malick play in the TV sitcom "Just Shoot Me!" (1997-2003)?
  A.   Nina Finch
  B.   Vicki Costa
  C.   Maya Gallo
  D.   Nina Van Horn

2. In what US state was Wendie born and raised?
  A.   Delaware
  B.   New Jersey
  C.   New York
  D.   Massachusetts

3. What role did Ms. Malick play in the TV sitcom, "Hot in Cleveland"?
  A.   Victoria Chase
  B.   Melanie Hope Moretti
  C.   Rejoyla "Joy" Scroggs
  D.   Elka Ostrovsky

4. From 2003-2004, Ms. Malick starred as Ronee Lawrence in 10 episodes what popular TV sitcom?
  A.   Frasier
  B.   3rd Rock from the Sun
  C.   The Big Bang Theory
  D.   Will & Grace

5. Wendie Malick adheres to a strict diet. What is it?
  A.   vegeterian
  B.   pescetarian
  C.   vegan
  D.   Semi-vegetarianism

6. From 1982 to 1989, Wendie was married to actor and screenwriter Mitch Glazer. Whom did she marry in 1995?
  A.   Jim Carrey
  B.   Mel Gibson
  C.   Richard Geer
  D.   Richard Erickson

7. Ms. Malick played the role of Judith Tupper Stone in the series "Dream On" from 1990–1996. What network was the show on?
  A.   ABC
  B.   HBO
  C.   UPN
  D.   FOX

8. In 1995, Wendie starred in an episode of "Seinfeld" called "The Kiss Hello" in which she played the part of Wendy. What was Wendy's occupation?
  A.   dress salesperson
  B.   physical therapist
  C.   doctor
  D.   news reporter

9. In which of these films did Wendy not star?
  A.   American President (1995)
  B.   Kingpin (1996)
  C.   Bugsy (1991)
  D.   Scrooged (1988)

10. In April of 2011, Malick became the celebrity spokesperson for what car rental company, with a series of online and television ads?
  A.   Thrifty Car Rental
  B.   Avis Car Rental
  C.   Dollar Car Rental
  D.   Budget Rent a Car®   

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