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Trivia Quiz - Peri Gilpin

How much do you know about actress Peri Gilpin?

Quiz Number: 4836
Date Submitted: November 26, 2012
Quiz Categories: Frasier
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Quiz is about: Peri Gilpin

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Peri Gilpin
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1. What character did Peri portray on the sitcom "Frasier" from 1993 to 2004?
  A.   Lilith Sternin
  B.   Roz Doyle
  C.   Daphne Moon
  D.   Sherry Dempsey

2. Peri was actually the second choice for her character in "Frasier." Who did the creators initially have in mind for her part?
  A.   Courtney Cox
  B.   Jennifer Aniston
  C.   Justine Bateman
  D.   Lisa Kudrow

3. Peri was the only cast member of "Frasier's" five main characters to not do what?
  A.   Have a contract dispute
  B.   Demand a pay raise
  C.   Be nominated for an Emmy
  D.   Write part of the story lines

4. What was Peri's profession before becoming an actress?
  A.   Make up Artist
  B.   Hair stylist
  C.   Screenwriter
  D.   Caterer

5. What kind of accident was Peri's father killed in?
  A.   In an automobile accident
  B.   In a Skydiving accident
  C.   In a boating accident
  D.   In a plane crash

6. Peri's husband is what kind of Artist?
  A.   A Painter
  B.   A Sculptor
  C.   An Illustrator
  D.   A Professional Photographer

7. Peri is a Godmother to which "Frasier" co-stars daughter?
  A.   John Mahoney
  B.   David Hyde Pierce
  C.   Kelsey Grammer
  D.   Jane Leeves

8. Peri made her television debut on what 1988 television series?
  A.   Magnum P.I.
  B.   Cagney and Lacey
  C.   21 Jump Street
  D.   L.A. Law

9. How were Peri's twins conceived?
  A.   Through a Surrogate mother
  B.   Through Adoption
  C.   Through Artificial Insemination
  D.   Naturally

10. Peri lives next door to which "Frasier" co- star?
  A.   David Hyde Pierce
  B.   Kelsey Grammer
  C.   Jane Leeves
  D.   John Mahoney®   

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