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Trivia Quiz - Becker TV Sitcom

What do you know about the TV sitcom,"Becker"?

Quiz Number: 4847
Date Submitted: December 01, 2012
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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Becker TV Sitcom
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1. What is the profession of Dr. John Becker?
  A.   photographer
  B.   high school basketball coach
  C.   medical doctor
  D.   journalist

2. What addiction does Becker have a hard time stopping?
  A.   cigarettes
  B.   cigars
  C.   pipe
  D.   sex

3. What New York City borough is the setting for the TV sitcom, "Becker"?
  A.   Manhattan
  B.   Queens
  C.   Harlem
  D.   The Bronx

4. Margaret is the nurse and office manager. What is the name of her never-seen husband?
  A.   Lenny
  B.   Lance
  C.   Larry
  D.   Lewis

5. Linda works at the doctor’s office as a fledgling nurse's aide. What is her last name?
  A.   James
  B.   Anders
  C.   Tensdale
  D.   it's never revealed

6. Reggie, the owner of the diner, eventually goes on to earn a bachelor's degree in what field of study?
  A.   art
  B.   culinary arts
  C.   psychology
  D.   sports management

7. Becker's best friend works at the diner selling newspapers and miscellaneous items such as candy, magazines, cigarettes & gum. What is his name?
  A.   Jim
  B.   Jack
  C.   Jake
  D.   John

8. When Bob becomes homeless after losing most of his money in his divorce, he has a hard time finding a job and getting back on his feet. What job does he eventually land?
  A.   baker
  B.   superintendent of Becker's apartment building
  C.   maintenance man
  D.   butcher

9. How many times has Becker been married and divorced?
  A.   1
  B.   2
  C.   3
  D.   4

10. On what TV network did "Becker" originally air?
  A.   CBS
  B.   NBC
  C.   ABC
  D.   FOX®   

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