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Trivia Quiz - Bat Masterson: Lawman

Great trivia quiz about the personal life and career of famed lawman, Bat Masterson.

Quiz Number: 4864
Date Submitted: December 13, 2012
Quiz Categories: Old West Lawmen & Outlaws
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Quiz is about: Bat Masterson

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Bat Masterson Lawman

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1. Bat had many occupations in his lifetime but which of the following was not one of them?
  A.   Boxer
  B.   Buffalo Hunter
  C.   Army Scout
  D.   United States Marshall

2. Before becoming a lawman, Bat participated in the "Battle of Adobe Walls" against what Indian tribe?
  A.   Apache
  B.   Navajo
  C.   Cherokee
  D.   Comanche

3. Bat's first gunfight in 1876 took place where?
  A.   Sante Fe, New Mexico
  B.   Dodge City, Kansas
  C.   Sweetwater, Texas
  D.   Lincoln, Nebraska

4. Bat was appointed Deputy to the U.S. Marshall for the Southern District of New York by what President?
  A.   William Howard Taft
  B.   Theodore Roosevelt
  C.   William McKinley
  D.   Grover Cleveland

5. After his days of being a lawman were over, Bat settled in New York with what occupation?
  A.   Inn Keeper
  B.   Sportswriter
  C.   Fight Promoter
  D.   Hat Maker

6. What other name was Bat known by?
  A.   Bartholomew Masters
  B.   Bill Masters
  C.   Leroy Parker
  D.   William Barclay

7. Bat fought in the Dodge City War with what other famous lawman?
  A.   Wyatt Earp
  B.   Doc Holliday
  C.   Sam Sixkiller
  D.   Wild Bill Hickok

8. Bat died from what cause on October 25, 1921?
  A.   Drowning
  B.   Choking
  C.   Heart attack
  D.   Stroke

9. During the Dodge City War, Bat was in a group known as what?
  A.   The Regulators
  B.   The Dodge City Peace Commission
  C.   The Dodge City Coalition
  D.   The Peacemakers

10. What actor portrayed Bat in the television series "Bat Masterson?"
  A.   Ron Hayes
  B.   James Garner
  C.   Jack Kelly
  D.   Gene Barry®   

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