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Trivia Quiz - iCarly

What do you know about the TV sitcom "iCarly"?

Quiz Number: 4900
Date Submitted: December 30, 2012
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: ravioli
Average Score: 76.4 percent
Times Taken: 53 times
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1. What is the name of Carly's brother?
  A.   Gibby
  B.   Fredward
  C.   Spencer
  D.   T-Bo

2. What is the name of Carly's best friend?
  A.   Fredward Benson
  B.   Samantha Puckett
  C.   Neville Papperman
  D.   Lewbert

3. Who is the doorman in Carly's building?
  A.   Gibby
  B.   T=Bo
  C.   Guppy
  D.   Lewbert

4. What is Sam's favorite junk food?
  A.   Fat Cakes
  B.   Big Cakes
  C.   Huge Cakes
  D.   Large Cakes

5. Which item listed below was not a feature on iCarly's web show?
  A.   Random dancing
  B.   messing with lewbert
  C.   the 50th web show spectacular,
  D.   Gibby takes off his shirt

6. What happens at the series' finale?
  A.   Carly and Spencer eat Peanutbutter sandwiches
  B.   Freddie and Sam kiss and eat fat cakes
  C.   Colonel Shay Carly's dad comes back and takes her to back to Italy with him where he is stationed
  D.   Gibby and Guppy move in with Lewbert

7. Carly and Sam do a favor on the web show for someone on his daughter's birthday. For whom did they do a favor?
  A.   Mrs. Briggs
  B.   Mr. Howard
  C.   Mrs. Benson
  D.   Principal Franklin

8. Who hacked Carly's Web show?
  A.   Lewbert
  B.   Neville
  C.   Guppy
  D.   Mr. Howard

9. Spencer quits going to college and becomes a sculptor. What was Spencer studying in college?
  A.   to become a Rocket scientist
  B.   to become a doctor
  C.   to become a teacher
  D.   to become a lawyer

10. During one of the web casts Carly and Sam try to mess with Lewbert. What happens to Lewbert?
  A.   He Dies
  B.   He loses his wart as a result of a small explosion
  C.   his pants catch on fire
  D.   he wets his pants®   

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