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Trivia Quiz - Girl Scouts of America

How much do you know about the Girl Scouts of America?

Quiz Number: 4987
Date Submitted: February 26, 2013
Quiz Categories: Various
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Girl Scouts of America

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1. What do the Girl Scouts sell every January?
  A.   Cookies
  B.   Candles
  C.   Calenders
  D.   Popcorn

2. Who founded the Girl Scouts of America in 1912?
  A.   Robert Baden- Powell
  B.   Bess Truman
  C.   Daisy Gordon
  D.   Juliette Gordon Low

3. The first Girl Scout troop was formed where in the United States?
  A.   Atlanta, Georgia
  B.   Montgomery, Alabama
  C.   Savannah, Georgia
  D.   Jackson, Mississippi

4. What are the lowest level girls in the Girl Scout organization called?
  A.   Brownies
  B.   Daisies
  C.   Cadettes
  D.   Cubbies

5. What is the motto of the Girl Scouts?
  A.   Do a Good Turn Daily
  B.   Lend a Hand
  C.   Be Prepared
  D.   Do Your Best

6. What is the slogan of the Girl Scouts?
  A.   Do a Good Turn Daily
  B.   Be Prepared
  C.   Do Your Best
  D.   God, Home, and Country

7. What is the highest rank achieved in Girl Scouting?
  A.   Girl Scout Senior Class
  B.   Girl Scout First Class
  C.   Eaglet
  D.   The Girl Scout Gold Award

8. Which famous comedian below was once a Girl Scout?
  A.   Joan Rivers
  B.   Lucille Ball
  C.   Phyllis Diller
  D.   Whoopi Goldberg

9. Which member of the American talk show "The View" was a member of the Girl Scouts?
  A.   Rosie O'Donnell
  B.   Barbara Walters
  C.   Star Jones
  D.   Joy Behar

10. Which former model below was once a Girl Scout?
  A.   Cheryl Tiegs
  B.   Cindy Crawford
  C.   Christie Brinkley
  D.   Claudia Schiffer®   

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