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Trivia Quiz - Randy Orton- Third Generation Wrestler

I'm sure you won't get pinned by this quiz. Let's see how much you know about "The Apex Predator" ?

Quiz Number: 5023
Date Submitted: April 08, 2013
Quiz Categories: Professional Wrestling
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
Average Score: 68.9 percent
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Quiz is about: Randy Orton

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Randy Orton Third Generation Wrestler

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1. Besides "The Apex Predator" , what is Randy's most used nickname?
  A.   The Viper
  B.   The Texas Rattlesnake
  C.   The Cerebral Assassin
  D.   The Legend Killer

2. Which former professional wrestler was Randy's father?
  A.   Bob Orton Sr.
  B.   " Cowboy" Bob Orton
  C.   Barry O
  D.   Bobby O

3. Randy became the youngest wrestler in WWE history to win what title at age 24?
  A.   The WWE Title
  B.   The U. S. Title
  C.   The Intercontinental Title
  D.   The World Heavyweight Title

4. What is Randy's signature finishing move called?
  A.   The Stunner
  B.   The DDT
  C.   The RKO
  D.   Rockbottom

5. Randy spent 38 days in a military prison after going AWOL twice and getting a bad conduct discharge from which military branch?
  A.   U. S. Army
  B.   U. S. Marines
  C.   U. S. Navy
  D.   U. S. Air Force

6. Randy was once the leader of which wrestling stable?
  A.   The Legion
  B.   The Legend Killers
  C.   The Snake Pit
  D.   Legacy

7. Randy was a 2- time champion in one night after which wrestler was stripped of the World Heavyweight Title due to an injury?
  A.   Triple H
  B.   Edge
  C.   John Cena
  D.   Rey Mysterio

8. A collarbone injury prevented Randy from getting the lead role in what movie?
  A.   The Marine 2
  B.   12 Rounds
  C.   The Wrestler
  D.   The Condemned

9. Randy appeared on which primetime television game show?
  A.   Wheel of Fortune
  B.   Deal or No Deal
  C.   Jeopardy
  D.   Fear Factor

10. Due to Randy's military past, he was dropped from the lead role in " The Marine 3" and replaced by which wrestler?
  A.   Ted DiBiase Jr.
  B.   John Cena
  C.   Christian
  D.   The Miz®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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