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Trivia Quiz - Charles Kingsford Smith

A trivia quiz on the life and career of Charles Kingsford Smith, the derring-do of an airman who did much to modernize air travel.

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Date Submitted: April 13, 2013
Quiz Categories: Amazing "Firsts" in History!, Australian History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Charles Kingsford Smith

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1. At which famous Sydney beach did Kingsford Smith almost drown at the age of 10?
  A.   Bronte
  B.   Coogee
  C.   Bondi
  D.   Manly

2. Kingsford Smith also served in World War I at which iconic battlefield?
  A.   The Somme
  B.   Fromelles
  C.   Gallipoli
  D.   Passchendale

3. What flying first did Kingsford Smith accomplish in 1928?
  A.   USA to Australia
  B.   England to Australia
  C.   Trans-Australia
  D.   South Africa to Australia

4. What affectionate name did Kingsford Smith give to his most famous plane "The Southern Cross" in which he created many records?
  A.   Betsy
  B.   The Canary
  C.   Kookaburra
  D.   The Old Bus

5. What other flying first did Kingsford Smith achieve in 1928?
  A.   Japan to Australia
  B.   Australia to New Zealand
  C.   England to USA
  D.   Australia to India

6. On a flight from England to Australia in 1929, Kingsford Smith made an emergency landing in a remote part of Western Australia. What was the name of the plane that crashed looking for him?
  A.   Magpie
  B.   Lorikeet
  C.   Brolga
  D.   Kookaburra

7. Who was the co-pilot who accompanied Kingsford Smith on many of his exploits?
  A.   James Taylor
  B.   Roger Hardwicke
  C.   Charles Ulm
  D.   Dudley Strang

8. In 1934 Kingsford Smith made the first east-west crossing from Australia to USA in what plane?
  A.   Southern Spirit
  B.   Kookaburra
  C.   Pacific Belle
  D.   Lady Southern Cross

9. How did Kingsford Smith die in 1935?
  A.   He caught scarlet fever.
  B.   His plane crashed while flying from England to Australia.
  C.   His was killed in car crash.
  D.   His plane crashed attempting a polar circumnavigation of the globe.

10. What Australian airport was renamed Kingsford Smith Airport in his honour?
  A.   Brisbane
  B.   Melbourne
  C.   Sydney
  D.   Adelaide®   

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