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Trivia Quiz - Heteronyms or Homographs

A quiz for kids to show them some of the vagaries of the English language. Each of the answers below is a word that can be pronounced in different ways. hetero = two, nym = sounds

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Date Submitted: May 24, 2013
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Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Heteronyms or Homographs

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1. Please ___________ your work before it is _________ to the class.
  A.   look
  B.   peruse
  C.   read
  D.   convey

2. What’s the ________ of this thing if I can’t _________ it?
  A.   object
  B.   purpose
  C.   point
  D.   use

3. The _________ the horse had in its saddlebags meant it couldn’t _______ the race
  A.   close
  B.   wait
  C.   lead
  D.   weight

4. The rubbish dump was so full it had to_________ more__________.
  A.   refuse
  B.   refuge
  C.   sway
  D.   save

5. He was ____________ to ______________ his old teacher with his birthday _____________.
  A.   there
  B.   their
  C.   present
  D.   absent

6. The male deer __________ funny things when the _________ are about.
  A.   makes
  B.   tries
  C.   hears
  D.   does

7. The farmer had to tend to her __________ and then ________ her seeds.
  A.   mare
  B.   sow
  C.   prize
  D.   fry

8. English is my favourite ______________. I enjoy the feeling when I ___________ myself to an English test.
  A.   test
  B.   subject
  C.   topic
  D.   area

9. The ____________ presented in the court case made the lawyer _____________.
  A.   evidence
  B.   ideas
  C.   object
  D.   case

10. The __________ was blowing so hard I could not _________ the sail.
  A.   wind
  B.   breeze
  C.   gale
  D.   hurricane®   

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