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Trivia Quiz - Edwin Hubble - American Astronomer

A quiz on the man whose work in astronomy changed the way humans perceive their place in the Universe.

Quiz Number: 5087
Date Submitted: July 01, 2013
Quiz Categories: Scientists, Science & Nature
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Edwin Hubble  American Astronomer

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1. Born in 1889, from which Midwest US state did Edwin Hubble come?
  A.   Missouri
  B.   Iowa
  C.   Kansas
  D.   Illinois

2. Edwin Hubble graduated from university with a degree in what area?
  A.   Law
  B.   Economics
  C.   Astrophysics
  D.   Mathematics

3. At what university did Edwin Hubble study for his degree?
  A.   Cambridge
  B.   Oxford
  C.   Harvard
  D.   Yale

4. What did Edwin Hubble do during World War I?
  A.   Continued his studies in astronomy
  B.   Went to live in Tahiti as viewing conditions at night were superior
  C.   Served in the US Army as a major
  D.   Joined the Canadian forces serving in England

5. Returning the US after the war, at what famous Californian observatory did Edwin Hubble work?
  A.   Mount Harrison
  B.   Mount Madison
  C.   Mount Jefferson
  D.   Mount Wilson

6. In 1924 Hubble studied which nearby galaxy and changed the way humans thought about the Universe?
  A.   Magellanic Clouds
  B.   Andromeda
  C.   Cassiopaeia
  D.   Sagittarius

7. In 1929 Edwin Hubble made his most famous discovery about the extent of the red shift of light in the galaxy. What did he call this discovery?
  A.   Lightspeed Shift Law
  B.   Big Bang Theory
  C.   Redshift Distance Law
  D.   Proportional Redshift Law

8. Edwin Hubble's discovery of red shift in light from stars supported which scientist's theory?
  A.   Albert Einstein
  B.   Isaac Newton
  C.   Tycho Brahe
  D.   Galileo

9. Edwin Hubble's discovery also provided which fact for mankind?
  A.   Galaxies are flying through space at different speeds
  B.   Time is an unnecessary human construct, in terms of infinite space and time
  C.   Our Sun has finite life span
  D.   The Universe is expanding

10. Dying at the relatively young age of 63, which of the following honors was not bestowed on Edwin Hubble?
  A.   a moon crater named after him
  B.   a highway named in his honor
  C.   a Nobel Prize
  D.   an asteroid named after him®   

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