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Trivia Quiz - Feathered Friends

Ten questions about the birds that populate every continent.

Quiz Number: 5100
Date Submitted: July 30, 2013
Quiz Categories: Science & Nature, Animals & Animal Study
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Feathered Friends

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1. What is the world's largest bird?
  A.   Emu
  B.   Emperor Penguin
  C.   Ostrich
  D.   Cassowary

2. What is the world's smallest bird?
  A.   Kingfisher
  B.   Hummingbird
  C.   Blue Wren
  D.   Blue Swallow

3. Which of the following birds has not been made extinct by man?
  A.   Moa
  B.   Passenger Pigeon
  C.   Nightingale
  D.   Dodo

4. Which bird lays the largest egg in relation to its body size?
  A.   Kiwi
  B.   Mallard
  C.   Turkey
  D.   Emu

5. Which of the following birds is not flightless?
  A.   Rhea
  B.   Penguin
  C.   Cassowary
  D.   Vulture

6. Approximately how many species of bird are there?
  A.   870
  B.   8,700
  C.   87,000
  D.   870,000

7. What bird is the world's fastest in level flight?
  A.   Spur-winged goose
  B.   Peregrine falcon
  C.   Spine-tailed swift
  D.   Eider duck

8. Where are all of the world's penguins to be found?
  A.   Southern hemisphere
  B.   Antarctica
  C.   Northern hemisphere
  D.   Arctic

9. What birds are said to have saved Rome with their warning cries?
  A.   Hawks
  B.   Peacocks
  C.   Geese
  D.   Nightingales

10. Approximately how many gallons can the bill of a full-grown pelican hold?
  A.   1
  B.   2
  C.   3
  D.   4®   

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