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Trivia Quiz - The Magic of Belle Isle: Part One

I'm a HUGE Morgan Freeman fan! I don't think he has ever made a bad movie. Here is a two-part quiz on one of his most recent works, "The Magic of Belle Isle."

Quiz Number: 5149
Date Submitted: October 18, 2013
Quiz Categories: Drama Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
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The Magic of Belle Isle Part One
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1. According to Charlotte, how long had her house been in her family?
  A.   since the Civil war
  B.   for 83 years
  C.   for generations
  D.   since her grandmother was born

2. Who was the "writer" in the O'Neil family?
  A.   Charlotte
  B.   Finn
  C.   Fiona
  D.   Willow

3. What was the name of Dave's dog?
  A.   Spot
  B.   John
  C.   Paul
  D.   Ringo

4. What did Monte call his typewriter?
  A.   a black-hearted whore
  B.   Matilda
  C.   a piece of garbage
  D.   his savior

5. According to Monte, a certain profession was very demanding. What was it?
  A.   doing nothing
  B.   drinking
  C.   sleeping
  D.   writing

6. What was the name of Monte's wife?
  A.   Georgette
  B.   Lindy
  C.   Mary
  D.   Willina

7. What was Monte's favorite alcoholic drink?
  A.   Pabst Blue Ribbon beer
  B.   Arbor Mist
  C.   sour mash whiskey
  D.   tequila

8. Monte suggested that Mahmoud replace the Slim Jims at the front register with what?
  A.   Cheetos
  B.   Skittles
  C.   sunflower seeds
  D.   Twinkies

9. Which of Monte's books did Al Kaiser own?
  A.   Cattle Wars
  B.   The Man Who Rides Alone
  C.   The Saga of Jubal McLaws
  D.   Showdown at Red Rock

10. Who was the main hero in Monte's books?
  A.   Wild Dog Dave
  B.   Deadshot Jim Watson
  C.   Jubal McLaws
  D.   Diego Santana®   

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