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Trivia Quiz - Mistaken Identity

"Mistaken Identity (aka"Switched At Birth") is a must-see film for Melissa Gilbert fans. It is so fascinating, I have seen it dozens of times.

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Date Submitted: October 22, 2013
Quiz Categories: Drama Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
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Mistaken Identity
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1. On what date were Morgan and Luke born?
  A.   August 24th
  B.   December 1st
  C.   July 7th
  D.   March 18th

2. What was the name of Morgan's babysitter?
  A.   Clare
  B.   Denise
  C.   Judy
  D.   Tracey

3. What was Darryl's last name?
  A.   Davis
  B.   James
  C.   Monkton
  D.   Robertson

4. Where was the hospital in which the babies were born located?
  A.   Mayfield
  B.   Milford
  C.   Stafford
  D.   Stanford

5. Where did Jim work?
  A.   a brokerage firm
  B.   a hospital
  C.   a law firm
  D.   a research agency

6. According to Darryl, he had always been good at what?
  A.   digging himself into holes
  B.   doing things right the first time
  C.   eating crow
  D.   putting his foot in his mouth

7. According to Sarah, Luke loved her:
  A.   banana pudding
  B.   cookies
  C.   marble cake
  D.   singing

8. What offer did James make Linda after Darryl filed for custody of Morgan?
  A.   to buy a big enough house for both families to share
  B.   to give her $50, 000 if she cut Darryl out of her life
  C.   to find Linda a house near the Barlows
  D.   to pay for Luke to attend a private school

9. What radio station did Linda listen to at the beauty shop?
  A.   KBAM
  B.   KLIF
  C.   KOOL
  D.   KWAR

10. What was the name of the judge presiding over the boys' custody case?
  A.   Marilyn Hodgkins
  B.   Marion Hopkins
  C.   Marlin Jenson
  D.   David Pearlman®   

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