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Trivia Quiz - Down in the Delta: Part One

"Down in the Delta" stars Alfre Woodard, Al Freeman Jr., Esther Rolle, Mary Alice, Loretta Devine, and Wesley Snipes. If you like it as well, take my two-part quiz and see what you remember. Good luck!

Quiz Number: 5177
Date Submitted: November 05, 2013
Quiz Categories: Drama Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 57.9 percent
Times Taken: 33 times
Taken by Registered Users: 2

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Down in the Delta Part One
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1. Where did Thomas hide his money?
  A.   in a baking powder can under his bed
  B.   at the church
  C.   inside one of his books
  D.   inside a stuffed tiger

2. How was Jesse related to Earl?
  A.   He was Earl's second cousin.
  B.   He was Earl's great uncle.
  C.   He was Earl's great, great grandfather.
  D.   He wasn't related to Earl.

3. Where did Rosa Lynn predict her family would be in 5 years?
  A.   living in a nice home in the suburbs
  B.   dead
  C.   scattered to the four winds
  D.   down in the delta

4. What was Annie's favorite TV show?
  A.   The Dick Van Dyke Show
  B.   I Love Lucy
  C.   Cartoon Carnival
  D.   The Bullwinkle Show

5. What was the name of Rosa Lynn's husband?
  A.   Carlton
  B.   Clayton
  C.   Trenton
  D.   Cameron

6. Who were the two ladies who worked in Earl's restaurant?
  A.   Delta and Eliza
  B.   Gina and Isabelle
  C.   Lisa and Maybelle
  D.   Trina and Janelle

7. Which pawn shop did Loretta frequent?
  A.   Chi Town Pawn
  B.   Peaches Pawnbroker
  C.   Thrif T Pawnbroker
  D.   Wayne's Pawn Shop

8. What disorder did Aunt Annie have?
  A.   Alzheimer's
  B.   Dissociative Identity Disorder
  C.   Manic Depression
  D.   Tourette Syndrome

9. What team's jacket did Loretta wear?
  A.   Chicago Bears
  B.   Chicago Bulls
  C.   Chicago Cubs
  D.   Chicago White Sox

10. What was the name of Earl's restaurant?
  A.   The Blue Hen
  B.   Chicken and Such
  C.   Just Chicken
  D.   The Red Rooster®   

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