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Trivia Quiz - Not Without My Daughter

I have probably seen "Not Without My Daughter" at least a hundred times. Sally Field and Alfred Molina were brilliant in it. The movie is rather loosely based on Betty Mahmoody's real life experience.

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Date Submitted: November 05, 2013
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Author: zendyk
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Not Without My Daughter
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1. Moody's family were Sayeds, which meant:
  A.   they were all Muslim clergy
  B.   they were direct descendants of Mohammed
  C.   they were all scholars of the Koran
  D.   they had all made a pilgrimage to Mecca

2. For how many years were Betty and Moody married before they went to Iran?
  A.   5
  B.   9
  C.   7
  D.   12

3. Which embassy housed the American embassy in Tehran?
  A.   British
  B.   Italian
  C.   Swiss
  D.   Turkish

4. Where in Owosso had Betty lived?
  A.   Briarhurst Ave.
  B.   Canfield Lane
  C.   the corner of Linden and Noleen
  D.   Teaberry St.

5. What U.S. college did Hamid's son attend?
  A.   Berkeley
  B.   Biola College
  C.   University of Texas
  D.   UCLA

6. According to Moody, what was the best gift he could give his child?
  A.   a good education
  B.   an extended family
  C.   Islam
  D.   a large home with a private yard

7. According to Hormoz, it was a wife's duty to:
  A.   stay home and raise the children
  B.   obey her husband without question
  C.   tell her husband everything
  D.   stay away from other men

8. How many birthdays did Mahtob have in Iran?
  A.   none
  B.   1
  C.   3
  D.   2

9. According to Houssein, what would always be intimately connected with Iran?
  A.   beautiful poetry
  B.   Islamic service
  C.   the idea of paradise
  D.   war

10. For what did Betty threaten to report Moody to the police?
  A.   beating her up
  B.   running a clinic without a license
  C.   separating her from Mahtob
  D.   taking her passport®   

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