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Trivia Quiz - Polar Express

I LOVE this movie! I have long described "Polar Express" as a cozy, magical holiday film. If it's a favorite of yours, take my quiz and see how much you remember!

Quiz Number: 5203
Date Submitted: December 11, 2013
Quiz Categories: Christmas Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 53.3 percent
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Polar Express
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1. On what street did Billy live?
  A.   Brookside
  B.   Edbrooke
  C.   Fallbrook
  D.   Webster

2. The last 2 boys to board the Polar Express lived in what town?
  A.   Bangor, Maine
  B.   Grand Rapids, Michigan
  C.   Piedmont, North Dakota
  D.   Seattle, Washington

3. What did the elves call the shuttle that took them to the square at the North Pole?
  A.   The Elf Train
  B.   The Noel Limited
  C.   The Pneumatic
  D.   The Spirit of Christmas

4. According to Santa, at least one of his reindeer was a female. Which one?
  A.   Blitzen
  B.   Dancer
  C.   Prancer
  D.   Vixen

5. What word did the conductor punch into the girl's ticket?
  A.   believe
  B.   give
  C.   lead
  D.   learn

6. What kind of shoes did Billy wear on the trip?
  A.   bed slippers
  B.   galoshes
  C.   moccasins
  D.   sneakers

7. From where was the boy who stuck gum in his sister's hair?
  A.   Brownwood, Texas
  B.   Grand Rapids, Michigan
  C.   Maplewood, New Jersey
  D.   Seattle, Washington

8. According to Santa, there's no greater gift than ________.
  A.   the ability to believe in unseen things
  B.   friendship
  C.   kindness
  D.   trust

9. What word did the conductor punch into the "know-it-all" boy's ticket?
  A.   believe
  B.   care
  C.   lead
  D.   learn

10. How did the boy get his sleighbell back after he lost it?
  A.   The conductor "found" it under his hat.
  B.   The other kids on the train found it for him.
  C.   Santa wrapped it and put it under the boy's tree.
  D.   He didn't.®   

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