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Trivia Quiz - The Family Man: (Fanatic's Version)

Enjoy my more difficult quiz on this modern holiday favorite. Good luck!

Quiz Number: 5222
Date Submitted: December 24, 2013
Quiz Categories: Drama Movies, Christmas Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 63.7 percent
Times Taken: 94 times
Taken by Registered Users: 2

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The Family Man (Fanatics Version)
(Image Source: The Family Man Title Card @ wikipedia)

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1. Which of the following had Jack NOT done in the past?
  A.   attended military school
  B.   jumped out of a plane over the Mojave Desert
  C.   run with the bulls in Pamplona
  D.   shot the rapids in Kanai

2. Which woman wanted to have an affair with Jack?
  A.   Caroline Jackson
  B.   Evelyn Thompson
  C.   Imogene Ralston
  D.   Jacklyn Johnson

3. What was the title of the video tape Jack watched?
  A.   The Best of Jack and Kate
  B.   Campbells' Anniversary
  C.   Jack Singing
  D.   Kate's Birthday

4. On their anniversary, Jack ordered an $800 bottle of wine for himself and Kate. What was the wine?
  A.   Chateau Margaux '87
  B.   Lafite '82
  C.   St. Pierre '79
  D.   Vosne-Romanee '80

5. What was the name of Alan Mintz's wife?
  A.   Dee
  B.   Jan
  C.   May
  D.   Sue

6. In order to secure a business deal, Jack cancelled his Christmas plans with his Aunt ________.
  A.   Bertha
  B.   Cora
  C.   Emma
  D.   Irma

7. Jack referred to New York City as:
  A.   the best city on earth
  B.   the center of the universe
  C.   the heartbeat of America
  D.   a mecca for business

8. Sydney Potter was CEO of what company?
  A.   Acme Hauling
  B.   Tire King
  C.   Titus Trucking
  D.   Buyrite Transport

9. Who was the last woman Jack slept with before his "glimpse"?
  A.   Adelle
  B.   Denise
  C.   Fran
  D.   Paula

10. What type of cologne did Jack find in the box Kate gave him?
  A.   Amadeus
  B.   English Leather
  C.   Kanon
  D.   Polo®   

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