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Trivia Quiz - Horatio Nelson and Emma Hamilton - Scandalous Lovers

Their love affair scandalized England, especially as Horatio Nelson was the most famous and revered Briton of his time. Test your knowledge of this tempetuous twosome.

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Date Submitted: June 27, 2014
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Author: grant228
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Horatio Nelson and Emma Hamilton  Scandalous Lovers

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1. How did the then Emma Lyon, daughter of a poor blacksmith, become Emma Hamilton?
  A.   She was betrothed to Sir William Hamilton when her father's health failed leaving the family impoverished.
  B.   She was appearing on stage when Sir William Hamilton became besotted with her.
  C.   She was sold by her protector to his uncle, Sir William Hamilton.
  D.   The much older Hamilton became infatuated with the teenage Emma when her father came to work on his estate.

2. In what Mediterranean city did Nelson and Emma Hamilton first meet?
  A.   Naples
  B.   Venice
  C.   Gibraltar
  D.   Athens

3. At their second meeting, how did Emma Hamilton greet Horatio Nelson?
  A.   She dressed as Cleopatra did when meeting Caesar.
  B.   She was wearing nothing but a knowing smile.
  C.   She sang him a self-authored song, "Heroic Horatio".
  D.   She fell at his feet.

4. How did Emma Hamilton's husband react to her affair with Nelson?
  A.   He began divorce proceedings.
  B.   He adored Nelson and was happy to be an amiable companion to him and his wife.
  C.   He threatened legal action against any newspaper that dared imply his wife was unfaithful.
  D.   He began a series of affairs in retaliation.

5. What was the name of the daughter Nelson fathered with Emma Hamilton?
  A.   Hortense
  B.   Hephzibah
  C.   Horatia
  D.   Hermoine

6. Why did Nelson and Emma Hamilton never marry?
  A.   Nelson's wife refused to grant him a divorce.
  B.   Hamilton's husband refused to grant her a divorce.
  C.   In the eyes of the public, they were two respectful people married to others.
  D.   Nelson was "married" to the British Navy and could not ignore the constant call of duty.

7. How did Horatio Nelson come to regard Emma Hamilton?
  A.   He remained deeply in love with her.
  B.   An opportunist who besmirched his reputation
  C.   As a passing infatuation - one of his many conquests
  D.   He loathed hearing her name or seeing her image.

8. What role did Emma Hamilton play at Nelson's funeral that was held in St Paul's Cathedral?
  A.   She organised the whole affair to consolidate Nelson's legend.
  B.   She delivered a eulogy entitled "England's Hero".
  C.   She and Nelson's daughter sat next to Nelson's wife as chief mourners.
  D.   She was barred from attending the service.

9. What happened to Emma Hamilton following Nelson's death?
  A.   She never fully recovered from her loss and lived in obscurity.
  B.   She made a fortune from a public speaking tour, outlining her affair and life with Nelson.
  C.   She quickly moved on, marrying an Italian nobleman.
  D.   She and Nelson's widow became firm friends, raising Nelson's daughter.

10. Dying in 1815, what possession of Nelson's did Emma Hamilton have buried with her?
  A.   His eye patch
  B.   A lock of his hair
  C.   His first love letter he sent her
  D.   His wedding ring®   

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