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Trivia Quiz - Bill Clinton: 42nd U.S. President

What do you know about Bill Clinton, 42nd U.S.President?

Quiz Number: 538
Date Submitted: August 14, 2006
Quiz Categories: World Leaders, American Presidents
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Bill Clinton

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Bill Clinton 42nd U.S. President
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1. Bill Clinton was born and raised in what state?
  A.   Alabama
  B.   Texas
  C.   Louisiana
  D.   Arkansas

2. What president was in office when Clinton, then a high school student, visited the White House, inspiring him to a career in politics?
  A.   John F. Kennedy
  B.   Lyndon B. Johnson
  C.   Richard M. Nixon
  D.   Dwight D. Eisenhower

3. Who headed up Clinton's first term health care reform plan?
  A.   Donna E. Shalala
  B.   Al Gore
  C.   Hillary Clinton
  D.   Henry G. Cisneros

4. The Brady Bill, passed in 1993, did what?
  A.   imposed a 5-day waiting period on handgun purchases
  B.   imposed a 10-day waiting period on handgun purchases
  C.   made snub-nosed handguns illegal
  D.   allowed The Brady Bunch kids to purchase handguns

5. Clinton was the first Democratic President to be re-elected since whom?
  A.   Lyndon B. Johnson
  B.   Franklin D. Roosevelt
  C.   John F. Kennedy
  D.   Jimmy Carter

6. Who was Clinton's secretary of state during his second term?
  A.   Ron Brown
  B.   William Christopher
  C.   Madeleine Albright
  D.   Janet Reno

7. Which of the following men did NOT run against Clinton in the 1996 presidential election?
  A.   Bob Dole
  B.   H. Ross Perot
  C.   George H.W. Bush
  D.   Ralph Nader

8. Americans enjoyed which of the following under President Clinton?
  A.   highest rate of enlistment in the armed forces in U.S. history
  B.   lowest crime rate in U.S. history
  C.   lowest unemployment rates in U.S. history
  D.   largest federal budget surplus in U.S. history

9. Clinton's Vice President was:
  A.   John Kerry
  B.   Al Gore
  C.   Dick Cheney
  D.   Hillary Clinton

10. What was the name of the allegedly illegal real estate dealings of Bill and Hillary Clinton and their associates during the 1970s and 1980s?
  A.   Wheatwhorl scandal
  B.   Whitewater scandal
  C.   Watergate scandal
  D.   Waterworld scandal®   

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