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Trivia Quiz - Princess Quiz

Pretty princesses have long been the stuff of legend. Test your knowledge with ten princess-related questions.

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Date Submitted: November 16, 2014
Quiz Categories: Culture, Various
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Princess Quiz

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1. In the movie "Shrek" which actress was the voice of Princess Fiona?
  A.   Julia Roberts
  B.   Drew Barrymore
  C.   Cameron Diaz
  D.   Reece Witherspoon

2. Who wrote "The Princess and the Pea"?
  A.   Hans Christian Andersen
  B.   The Brothers Grimm
  C.   Aesop
  D.   Oscar Wilde

3. Who of the following is not a princess?
  A.   Pippi Longstocking
  B.   Rapunzel
  C.   Alison Ashley
  D.   Ariel, the Little Mermaid

4. Who was the Indian princess rescued by Peter Pan?
  A.   Minehaha
  B.   Pocahontas
  C.   Little White Dove
  D.   Tiger Lily

5. When Princess Leia of Star Wars fame was captured by Jabba the Hut, how did she escape?
  A.   She electrocuted Jabba
  B.   Luke Skywalker shot Jabba
  C.   She choked Jabba with the chain she was manacled to.
  D.   Hans Solo shot Jabba

6. Where was the TV series "Xena, Warrior Princess" set?
  A.   Ancient Turkey
  B.   Ancient England
  C.   Ancient Rome
  D.   Ancient Greece

7. What was the name of the ship that featured in "The Love Boat"?
  A.   Sea Princess
  B.   Ocean Princess
  C.   Atlantic Princess
  D.   Pacific Princess

8. What was the real name of the Frog Princess?
  A.   Esmeralda
  B.   Emily
  C.   Eugenie
  D.   Eloise

9. In "The Paper Bag Princess" who was the intended husband of Princess Elizabeth?
  A.   Prince Herbert
  B.   Prince Ronald
  C.   Prince Maxwell
  D.   Prince Egbert

10. Who of the following superheroes is not a princess?
  A.   Sailor Moon
  B.   Storm
  C.   Batgirl
  D.   Aquagirl®   

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