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Trivia Quiz - The Buddha

The Buddha began a religion now practiced by millions around the world. Test your knowledge of the life of this spiritual man.

Quiz Number: 5515
Date Submitted: June 26, 2015
Quiz Categories: Religion, Buddhism
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
Average Score: 45 percent
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The Buddha

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1. Siddharta Gautama was born in which Asian nation?
  A.   India
  B.   China
  C.   Siam
  D.   Nepal

2. What were the circumstances of Siddharta's early life?
  A.   He was the son of a prince
  B.   His parents were poor but worked hard to provide an education for their son.
  C.   He was orphaned early.
  D.   He was raised by his mother.

3. Siddharta left his wife and son in a search for the truth. For how long did he seek this truth?
  A.   4 months
  B.   2 years
  C.   6 years
  D.   10 years

4. The Buddha experienced his "enlightenment" while sitting under what tree?
  A.   banyan tree
  B.   bo tree
  C.   mango tree
  D.   betel nut tree

5. In what Indian city did Siddharta or The Buddha begin spreading the news of this new faith?
  A.   Kolkatta
  B.   Delhi
  C.   Mumbai
  D.   Benares

6. How old was Siddharta when he achieved his enlightenment?
  A.   25
  B.   35
  C.   45
  D.   50

7. How many truths did the Buddha enshrine as noble?
  A.   4
  B.   6
  C.   8
  D.   10

8. At his death, what did the Buddha tell his followers?
  A.   To perform penance for the poor
  B.   The end of life was the end of suffering
  C.   To reflect on their lives and endlessly improve
  D.   To follow no leader

9. How old was the Buddha when he died?
  A.   80
  B.   85
  C.   90
  D.   95

10. What are the characteristics attributed to the Buddha known as?
  A.   nine attributes
  B.   nine tenets
  C.   nine qualities
  D.   nine virtues®   

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