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Trivia Quiz - Arizona Fun Facts

How much do you now about the south-west state of Arizona?

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Date Submitted: January 23, 2019
Quiz Categories: U.S. States
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Arizona Fun Facts

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1. What is the capital city of Arizona?
  A.   Tucson
  B.   Flagstaff
  C.   Kingman
  D.   Phoenix

2. Which of the following tourist attractions is not found in Arizona?
  A.   Carlsbad Caverns
  B.   Grand Canyon
  C.   Meteor Crater
  D.   Monument Valley

3. Which of the following is true about Arizona?
  A.   It is the driest U S state.
  B.   It was the last of the 48 mainland states to be admitted to the Union.
  C.   It is the least populated state.
  D.   It has had three US presidential major party candidates.

4. Which of the following actors was not from Arizona?
  A.   Barbara Eden
  B.   Garry Shandling
  C.   Reece Witherspoon
  D.   Emma Stone

5. What state shares the northern border of Arizona?
  A.   New Mexico
  B.   Nevada
  C.   Colorado
  D.   Utah

6. Arizona is the leading producer in the US of what metal?
  A.   copper
  B.   silver
  C.   gold
  D.   iron ore

7. What famous cowboy town is found in Arizona?
  A.   Dodge City
  B.   Deadwood
  C.   Tombstone
  D.   Durango

8. In what Arizona city will you find London Bridge?
  A.   Cottonwood
  B.   Scottsdale
  C.   Lake Havasu City
  D.   Benson

9. Which of the following sports teams is not based in Arizona?
  A.   Rams
  B.   Cardinals
  C.   Coyotes
  D.   Wildcats

10. What was the fate of the third USS Arizona?
  A.   It was sunk during the Korean War.
  B.   It was sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.
  C.   It was decommissioned in 1968 and scuttled off the coast of California.
  D.   It was sold to scrap iron merchants in Japan in 1954.®   

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