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Trivia Quiz - The Feather Quiz

Feathers have been used by many leaders as signs of their authority and wealth. Test your knowledge of feathered phrases that are part of our culture.

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Date Submitted: November 24, 2019
Quiz Categories: Culture, Various
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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The Feather Quiz

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1. A "feather in your cap" originated from what practice?
  A.   After killing a chicken, the butcher would place a feather of the bird in his cap for luck.
  B.   Archery tournaments where the winner would receive a peacock's feather.
  C.   It was customary for travelling magicians to wear a feathered cap.
  D.   A warrior would place a feather in his cap for each enemy slain.

2. In what state is a person who is said to be "in full feather"?
  A.   wealthy
  B.   drunk
  C.   pregnant
  D.   overweight

3. To "make the feathers fly", means what?
  A.   To startle a crowd
  B.   To make a noisy scene when angered
  C.   To put theory into practice
  D.   To advertise good ideas

4. What does the expression "to cut a feather" mean?
  A.   a fast moving ship
  B.   restrict a person's freedoms
  C.   a fencing term signifying skill and speed
  D.   a pointless activity

5. What state is someone in if said to be "in high feather"?
  A.   angry
  B.   exuberant and joyful
  C.   light-headed
  D.   obese

6. If someone is "lashed with a feather", what has happened?
  A.   They are deemed "chicken-hearted".
  B.   They are made a leader of their group or tribe.
  C.   They have received a very light punishment.
  D.   They look dashing and smart.

7. A broken feather in one's wing means what?
  A.   a minor handicap
  B.   a bad employee affecting the morale of the company
  C.   a player carrying an injury into a game
  D.   a scandal in one's life

8. What is one doing if they "featherbed"?
  A.   pamper and cushion
  B.   attempting to distract
  C.   refuse to go to work
  D.   putting away money for a rainy day

9. What does the saying "fine feathers make fine birds" mean?
  A.   You can judge a book by its cover.
  B.   Good tools make a good tradesman.
  C.   an overdressed person who does not match his or her fine clothes
  D.   Tend to seedlings to ensure you have strong plants

10. In rowing, what does the term "to feather an oar" mean?
  A.   to not pull as strongly on one oar as the other
  B.   to insert the oar to early into the water, causing splashes
  C.   to hold the oar out of the water when not in synchronicity with others
  D.   to turn the blade parallel with the water as the hands move forward for a new stroke®   

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