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Trivia Quiz - African Capital Cities - Part 1

As at 2021, there are 54 African nations. See if you know the capitals of the ten following countries.

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Date Submitted: February 21, 2021
Quiz Categories: African Geography
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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African Capital Cities  Part 1
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1. Nigeria has the largest population of any African nation with over 200,000,000 people. What is its capital city?
  A.   Rabat
  B.   Lome
  C.   Banjul
  D.   Abuja

2. Second in population size is Ethiopia with a population of over 114,000,000. What is its capital city?
  A.   Addis Ababa
  B.   Accra
  C.   Asmara
  D.   Algiers

3. Egypt, with over 100,000,000 people is next, and its capital is?
  A.   Alexandria
  B.   Port Said
  C.   Cairo
  D.   Luxor

4. The Democratic Republic of Congo carries the fourth largest population of over 89,000,000. What is its capital city?
  A.   Rabat
  B.   Kinshasa
  C.   Juba
  D.   Brazzaville

5. Number 5 in population size is Tanzania with over 60,000,000. Its capital city is?
  A.   Dodoma
  B.   Lusaka
  C.   Freetown
  D.   Conakry

6. Just behind Tanzania comes South Africa with just under 60,000,000 people. It has three capital cities - an administrative, executive and judicial one. Which of the following is not one of these capitals?
  A.   Cape Town
  B.   Pretoria
  C.   Bloemfontein
  D.   Johannesburg

7. Number seven on the list of most populous African nations comes Kenya with over 53,000,000 people. Its capital city is?
  A.   Kigali
  B.   Monrovia
  C.   Nairobi
  D.   Tripoli

8. Uganda, with over 45,000,000 people, comes in number eight and has what city as its capital?
  A.   Lilongwe
  B.   Kampala
  C.   Gaborone
  D.   Dakar

9. Algeria is the largest African nation in terms of size and ninth in terms of people with over 45,000,000. Its capital city is?
  A.   Algiers
  B.   Onan
  C.   Constantine
  D.   Biskra

10. Sudan, with over 43,000,000 people comes in as tenth largest in terms of population and has what city as its capital?
  A.   Maputo
  B.   Libreville
  C.   Khartoum
  D.   Yaounde®   

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