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Trivia Quiz - D. H. Lawrence - Brilliant but troubled writer

D. H. Lawrence's work provoked controversy with a number of novels banned for many years. Test your knowledge of this important writer of the 20th Century.

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Date Submitted: August 26, 2020
Quiz Categories: Literature, Authors, British Authors
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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D. H. Lawrence  Brilliant but troubled writer
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1. Known globally by his first initials, what do the D and H stand for in Mr Lawrence's name
  A.   David Herbert
  B.   Donald Harold
  C.   Daniel Horace
  D.   Douglas Howard

2. Born September 11, 1885, D. H. Lawrence was the son of what manual labourer?
  A.   blacksmith
  B.   coal miner
  C.   stone mason
  D.   gardener

3. Throughout his short life, D. H. Lawrence was continually troubled by the symptoms of what disease?
  A.   polio
  B.   scarlet fever
  C.   tuberculosis
  D.   black lung

4. Which of D. H. Lawrence's novels is thought to be the most semi-autobiographical of his works?
  A.   Lady Chatterley's Lover
  B.   Women in Love
  C.   The Virgin and the Gypsy
  D.   Sons and Lovers

5. D. H. Lawrence married the cousin of which famed World War I participant?
  A.   F. Scott Fitzgerald
  B.   Red Baron
  C.   Douglas Haig
  D.   Ernest Hemingway

6. D. H. Lawrence's most controversial work was "Lady Chatterley's Lover" which was banned in England until 1960. What did Lawrence originally want to call this work?
  A.   The Poker and the Fireplace
  B.   The Ambassador and the Velvet Glove
  C.   John Thomas and Lady Jane
  D.   Maypole Dancing in the Garden of Delight

7. While best known for his controversial novels, in what other genre did D. H. Lawrence achieve acclaim?
  A.   travel
  B.   suspense
  C.   science fiction
  D.   humour

8. Which novel by D. H. Lawrence is a semi-autobiographical account of Lawrence's three-month stay in Australia in 1922?
  A.   Koala
  B.   Kangaroo
  C.   Kookaburra
  D.   Goanna

9. Which family was the subject of two of Lawrence's novels - "The Rainbow" and "Women in Love"?
  A.   Bradley
  B.   Branscombe
  C.   Brangwen
  D.   Branaugh

10. Lawrence died aged 44 in France in 1930 from complications of tuberculosis. Where is Lawrence's final resting place?
  A.   Chihuahua, Mexico
  B.   Tahiti
  C.   New Caledonia
  D.   New Mexico, USA®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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