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Trivia Quiz - Disco: Tight Pants & Gold Chains

Hey poofy hair fans! See what you know about disco trivia! -bill

Quiz Number: 645
Date Submitted: November 24, 2006
Quiz Categories: Disco
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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Disco Tight Pants  Gold Chains
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1. Disco music was influenced by all these genre of music except:
  A.   Salsa
  B.   Jazz
  C.   Soul
  D.   Funk

2. It's generally accepted that disco started about when?
  A.   Late 60s
  B.   Early 70s
  C.   Mid 70s
  D.   Late 70s

3. The 1977 "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack, featuring disco songs by the Bee Gees, became the best selling ever. Who starred in the movie as Tony Manero?
  A.   Andy Gibb
  B.   Barry Miller
  C.   John Travolta
  D.   Joseph Cali

4. Which of the four Gibb brothers was NOT part of the Bee Gees?
  A.   Barry
  B.   Robin
  C.   Maurice
  D.   Andy

5. A satirical disco novelty song performed by Memphis disc jockey "Rick Dees and His Cast of Idiots" was released in 1976. What was the title?
  A.   "Disco Duck"
  B.   "Disco Goose"
  C.   "Disco Chicken"
  D.   "Disco Parrot"

6. What R&B group released the 1979 album "We Are Family" which included the #1 single of the same name?
  A.   Village People
  B.   K.C. and the Sunshine Band
  C.   Sister Sledge
  D.   The Jacksons

7. In 1975, "The Hustle" topped the R&B charts. Who performed it?
  A.   Village People
  B.   Sylvester
  C.   CHIC
  D.   Van McCoy

8. The hit single "December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night)" was released in 1975 by the Four Seasons. Who is the long time front man for the Four Seasons?
  A.   Neil Sedaka
  B.   Frankie Valli
  C.   David Byron
  D.   Brian Ferry

9. Disco musicians typically played what instrument with a "chicken scratch" style?
  A.   Rhythm guitar
  B.   Bass guitar
  C.   String synthesizer
  D.   Harp

10. Disco music faced an especially strong backlash from fans of what music genre?
  A.   New wave
  B.   Punk rock
  C.   Hard rock
  D.   Country®   

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