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Trivia Quiz - Tim Burton's Movie Essentials

This is a quiz about Tim Burton's movies.

Quiz Number: 695
Date Submitted: December 26, 2006
Quiz Categories: Movie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: misszrika
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Quiz is about: Tim Burton

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Tim Burtons Movie Essentials
(Image Source: Tim Burton @ Wikipedia)

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1. On which Disney movie did Tim Burton work as an animator?
  A.   "The Fox and the Hound"
  B.   "The Little Mermaid"
  C.   "Oliver & Company"
  D.   "Mickey's Christmas Carol"

2. How many movie(s) did he direct with Disney as a production company?
  A.   0
  B.   1
  C.   2
  D.   3

3. What is the title of his first movie? (Do not consider the shorts)
  A.   "Edward Scissorhands"
  B.   "Pee-wee's Big Adventure"
  C.   "Beetle Juice"
  D.   "Batman"

4. How many times did he work with the actor Johnny Depp? (Include the animated ones, and the last Tim Burton's movie to be considered is "Corpse Bride").
  A.   0
  B.   2
  C.   4
  D.   5

5. Who is Burton's Favorite composer?
  A.   Ken Hilton
  B.   Howard Shore
  C.   John Williams
  D.   Danny Elfman

6. In which of the following movies did Tim Burton NOT direct his long-time girlfriend, Lisa Marie?
  A.   "Ed Wood"
  B.   "Sleepy Hollow"
  C.   "Mars Attacks!"
  D.   "Alice"

7. Which of his movies was inspired by a drawing he did as a teenager?
  A.   "Beetle Juice"
  B.   "Edward Scissorhands"
  C.   "Mars Attacks!"
  D.   "Big Fish"

8. In which movie can you hear this line? "Tell me something, my friend. You ever dance with the devil by the pale moonlight?"
  A.   "Sleepy Hollow"
  B.   "Beetle Juice"
  C.   "Batman"
  D.   "Big Fish"

9. In which movie did Burton direct these actors? - Jack Nicholson - Glenn Close - Danny De Vito
  A.   "Mars Attacks!"
  B.   "Batman"
  C.   "Big Fish"
  D.   "Pee-wee's Big Adventure"

10. Which of these movies was not directed by Tim Burton?
  A.   "Frankenweenie"
  B.   "Nightmare Before Christmas"
  C.   "Batman Returns"
  D.   "Stalk of the Celery"®   

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