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Trivia Quiz - Rat Pack - Fun Unlimited!

This quiz has questions about the Rat Pack and its members.

Quiz Number: 746
Date Submitted: January 08, 2007
Quiz Categories: Pop Music
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: scarlettem
Average Score: 53.7 percent
Times Taken: 542 times
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Rat Pack  Fun Unlimited
(Image Source: Rat Pack)

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1. Which one of the following people was NOT a member of the Rat Pack?
  A.   Dean Martin
  B.   Sammy Davis Jr.
  C.   Burt Reynolds
  D.   Frank Sinatra

2. Where was Dean Martin born?
  A.   Wheeling WV
  B.   Abruzzi, Italy
  C.   Stubenville, OH
  D.   Hoboken NJ

3. Who had the title role in the Tony Rome movies?
  A.   Sammy Davis Jr
  B.   Peter Lawford
  C.   Dean Martin
  D.   Frank Sinatra

4. Where was Frank Sinatra born?
  A.   Sicily
  B.   Stubenville, OH
  C.   Hoboken NJ
  D.   Staten Island, NY

5. What record company did Frank Sinatra own?
  A.   Decca
  B.   RCA
  C.   Reprise
  D.   Universal South

6. Which member of the Rat Pack lost a family member in a plane crash?
  A.   Frank Sinatra
  B.   Sammy Davis Jr
  C.   Dean Martin
  D.   Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin

7. Which Rat had a number 1 Hit Single that took Elvis Presley out of the number 1 spot on the charts?
  A.   Dean Martin- "That's Amore"
  B.   Frank Sinatra- "My Way"
  C.   Sammy Davis Jr.-"The Candy Man"
  D.   None of them ever did

8. Which Rat was married to Mia Farrow?
  A.   Frank Sinatra
  B.   Sammy Davis Jr
  C.   Peter Lawford
  D.   Dean Martin

9. Which member of the Rat Pack was a boxer named Kid Crochet?
  A.   Frank Sinatra
  B.   Dean Martin
  C.   Joey Bishop
  D.   Sammy Davis Jr

10. Dean Martin was an avid:
  A.   Bowler
  B.   Race Driver
  C.   Golfer
  D.   Hunter®   

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