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Trivia Quiz - Neil Peart: Rush Drummer

Drummer, lyricist and author, Neil Peart of Rush is truly one of a kind. -bill

Quiz Number: 765
Date Submitted: January 13, 2007
Quiz Categories: Rush
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
Average Score: 70.4 percent
Times Taken: 530 times
Taken by Registered Users: 24
Quiz is about: Neil Peart

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Neil Peart Rush Drummer
(Image Source: Neil Peart @ Andrew

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1. Of what nationality is Neil?
  A.   American
  B.   British
  C.   Canadian
  D.   German

2. Neil first played on which album with Rush?
  A.   "2112"
  B.   "Caress of Steel"
  C.   "Fly By Night"
  D.   "Rush"

3. Neil has read many of the books of what author, referencing this writer's idealogy in many of his songs?
  A.   John Locke
  B.   Aristotle
  C.   Friedrich Nietzsche
  D.   Ayn Rand

4. Which of the following books did Neil first write?
  A.   "The Masked Rider: Cycling In West Africa"
  B.   "Ghost Rider: Travels On The Healing Road"
  C.   "Traveling Music: The Soundtrack Of My Life And Times"
  D.   "Roadshow: Landscape With Drums, A Concert Tour By Motorcycle"

5. Neil shocked many by going back to "drum school" in the mid-1990s, studying under what famed drummer?
  A.   Buddy Rich
  B.   Freddie Gruber
  C.   Bill Bruford
  D.   Billy Cobham

6. The magazine "Modern Drummer" bestowed what award to Neil in 2006?
  A.   Best Percussion Instrumentalist
  B.   Best Multi-Percussionist
  C.   Best Instructional Video
  D.   Best Rock Drummer

7. After struggling to achieve success as a drummer, Neil set out to what European city in search of greater success in 1970?
  A.   London
  B.   Amsterdam
  C.   Liverpool
  D.   Paris

8. Neil and his fellow bandmates were bestowed with what non-musical award on February 26, 1997?
  A.   Officer of the Order of Canada
  B.   Grand Canadian Citizenship Award
  C.   Humane Artists of North America
  D.   Medal of Honorary Volunteerisim

9. Neil's second wife's name is:
  A.   Karen Nuttall
  B.   June Taylor
  C.   Carrie Nuttall
  D.   Jaqueline Taylor

10. Which is the first live album that Neil recorded with Rush?
  A.   "Exit...Stage Left"
  B.   "All the World's a Stage"
  C.   "A Show of Hands"
  D.   "Different Stages"®   

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