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Trivia Quiz - Roseanne - Working Class Sitcom!

This is a quiz to see what people know about the TV sitcom "Roseanne."

Quiz Number: 831
Date Submitted: February 08, 2007
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: tjinky
Average Score: 66.8 percent
Times Taken: 631 times
Taken by Registered Users: 43

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Roseanne  Working Class Sitcom
(Image Source: Roseanne)

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1. Where did Dan have a heart attack?
  A.   at work
  B.   at home
  C.   at Darlene's wedding
  D.   at the Logo

2. What was David's talent?
  A.   writing
  B.   painting
  C.   drawing
  D.   dancing

3. How did Jackie and Roseanne get the money to open The Lunch Box?
  A.   They borrowed it from a finance company
  B.   Their mother loaned it to them
  C.   They used their savings
  D.   They won the lottery

4. Which of the following jobs did Jackie NEVER have?
  A.   truck driver
  B.   secretary
  C.   policewoman
  D.   factory worker

5. Who was not at Dan and Roseanne's house during the tornado?
  A.   Crystal
  B.   Jackie
  C.   Becky
  D.   Roseanne and Jackie's mom

6. Taking into account the revelations from the final episode, how many gay characters worked at the Lunch Box at one time or another?
  A.   3
  B.   0
  C.   2
  D.   1

7. Who smoked marijuana in Dan and Roseanne's bathroom?
  A.   Dan and Roseanne
  B.   Dan, Roseanne, and Jackie
  C.   Dan, Roseanne, Jackie, and Nancy
  D.   Roseanne, Jackie, and Nancy

8. Who did Fred want to stop coming over to he and Jackie's house?
  A.   Roseanne
  B.   Jackie's mom
  C.   D.J.
  D.   David

9. What did Darlene do in her dorm room that Roseanne didn't like?
  A.   put her socks in the top drawer
  B.   hung up a picture of a nude male
  C.   smoked
  D.   put her socks in the bottom drawer

10. What color was the new couch Roseanne bought after she won the lottery?
  A.   purple
  B.   orange
  C.   green
  D.   blue®   

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