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Trivia Quiz - Star Trek: Voyager Fun Facts

All about "Star Trek: Voyager." -skyrcro

Quiz Number: 927
Date Submitted: March 05, 2007
Quiz Categories: Star Trek
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: skyrcro
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Star Trek Voyager Fun Facts
(Image Source: Star Trek: Voyager)

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1. In the very first episode of Star Trek Voyager, how did Voyager end up in the Delta Quadrant?
  A.   transported through a wormole
  B.   they're transported there by a being called the Caretaker
  C.   artificial wormholes created by the Borg
  D.   the ship was kidnapped by the Kazon

2. In Star Trek Voyager, how long is the average Ocampan lifespan?
  A.   150 years
  B.   6 years
  C.   9 years
  D.   70 years

3. In Star Trek Voyager, what is the name of the race of aliens that harvests organs from other species?
  A.   the Borg
  B.   the Kazon
  C.   the Vidiians
  D.   Talaxians

4. In Star Trek Voyager, what is the name of Harry Kim's girlfriend back home?
  A.   Annie
  B.   Lizzie
  C.   Melissa
  D.   Libby

5. In Star Trek Voyager, Seska was posing as a Bajoran in the Maquis. In reality, what species was she?
  A.   Cardassian
  B.   Klingnon
  C.   Betazoid
  D.   Vulcan

6. Captain Janeway in Star Trek Voyager, occasionally visits the holodeck to run a program concerning which historical figure?
  A.   Sir Isaac Newton
  B.   Leonardo Da Vinci
  C.   Napoleon
  D.   Julius Ceasar

7. In Star Trek Voyager, seven of Nine is a reformed Borg. What is her real human name?
  A.   Hannah
  B.   Marie
  C.   Katherine
  D.   Annika

8. What is the name of the first baby to be born on the starship Voyager?
  A.   Naomi Wildman
  B.   Katrina Spellman
  C.   Emma Wildman
  D.   Joseph Cary

9. In Star Trek Voyager, Tom Paris is the best pilot on Voyager. His father, Owen Paris, holds what rank within Starfleet?
  A.   admiral
  B.   colonel
  C.   captain
  D.   sargent

10. In Star Trek Voyager, Captain Janeway hatches a plan to create a weapon to kill what species and use it as a bargaining chip with the Borg in exchange for safe passage through Borg space?
  A.   the Vidiians
  B.   Species 8472
  C.   Species 9674
  D.   The Kazon®   

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