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Trivia Quiz - Friends: TV Sitcom: Season Two Facts

Trivia and facts about the second season of the TV sitcom, "Friends."

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Date Submitted: March 07, 2007
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Author: eyelessgavin
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Friends TV Sitcom Season Two Facts
(Image Source: Friends Cast)

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1. Joey recommends Chandler to this professional who takes the opportunity to feel Chandler up. Who is this professional?
  A.   tailor
  B.   doctor
  C.   seamstress
  D.   masseuse

2. Joey encounters a new competitive co-worker while working as an after-shave salesman. What is the co-worker’s “name?”
  A.   The Marlboro Man
  B.   The Bijan for Men Man
  C.   The Hombre Man
  D.   Longhorn Rustler

3. This strangely memorable character passes away, and aptly gets the episode named after him.
  A.   Eddie
  B.   Mr. Heckles
  C.   Paolo
  D.   Danny

4. According to Jade, who called Chandler’s apartment looking for Bob, how was Chandler at sex?
  A.   “Eh.”
  B.   “Hubba-hubba.”
  C.   “He was no you, Bob.”
  D.   “So much better than you, Bob.”

5. Julie and Ross are about to take a big step in their relationship when Rachel tells Ross her feelings. The big step is put on hold, and Julie and Ross end up not doing what?
  A.   Get a dog
  B.   Move in together
  C.   Get a cat
  D.   Send out Christmas cards

6. What new product is Monica hired to promote by designing Thanksgiving themed recipes?
  A.   Fish-tachios
  B.   Mockolate
  C.   Corn on a Stick
  D.   Flan

7. Gunther has his first line during season two. What is it?
  A.   “Yeah.”
  B.   “Okay.”
  C.   “I love Rachel.”
  D.   “What?”

8. Phoebe says Rachel and Ross are destined to be together, because they are each other’s what?
  A.   Soul mates
  B.   Lobsters
  C.   Destinies
  D.   Crabs

9. Where do Ross and Rachel first have sex?
  A.   The planetarium
  B.   Ross’ apartment
  C.   The museum
  D.   They don’t tell

10. When Joey moves out, Chandler gets a new roommate. What’s the new roommate’s name?
  A.   Eddie
  B.   Carl
  C.   DiAngelo
  D.   Russ®   

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