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Trivia Quiz - Al Gore, His Life and the Environment

The award winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth is the product of Al Gore’s lifelong concern for the Earth and its inhabitants, you know who Al Gore is, but do you know his inspirations?

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Date Submitted: March 21, 2007
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Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: eyelessgavin
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Al Gore His Life and the Environment
(Image Source: Solar Navigator)

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1. What or Who is the book form of An Inconvenient Truth dedicated to?
  A.   God and His glory
  B.   Mother Nature
  C.   Tipper Gore
  D.   Gaia and it’s inhabitants

2. Al Gore began writing his first book, Earth in the Balance, after this person was critically injured by a motor vehicle.
  A.   His eldest daughter, Karenna
  B.   His youngest daughter, Sarah
  C.   His mother, Pauline
  D.   His son, Albert

3. Al Gore was told he should consider making his slideshow into a film by this environmental activist, who is also the producer of An Inconvenient Truth:
  A.   Laurie David
  B.   Ed Begley Jr.
  C.   Melissa Etheridge
  D.   Amy Poehler

4. This person was the first person to propose measuring carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere and truly inspired Al Gore during his college years.
  A.   Charles Keeling
  B.   Ralph Keeling
  C.   Stewart Udall
  D.   Roger Revelle

5. Many great people are inspired by their parents and Al Gore is no different. What was Al Gore's father's name?
  A.   Albert Gore Senior
  B.   Al Gore Senior
  C.   Alfred Gore
  D.   Andrew Gore

6. What was Al Gore’s mothers name?
  A.   Pauline
  B.   Peggy
  C.   Jenny
  D.   Danielle

7. One person who was responsible for releasing the Navy’s Nuclear Propulsion Program’s findings on the North Pole’s ice thickness was:
  A.   Bruce DeMars
  B.   Daniel Murphy
  C.   Melvin Price
  D.   Colin Powell

8. Another person responsible for releasing the Navy’s Nuclear Propulsion Program’s findings on the North Pole’s ice thickness, who was also the director of the CIA at the time, was:
  A.   Bill Gates
  B.   Bob Gates
  C.   Ralph McGehee
  D.   Mark Felt

9. Al Gore’s sister was his “protector” despite the age difference, and her death of lung cancer was an inspiration for the family to stop tobacco farming. Her name was:
  A.   Nina
  B.   Leslie
  C.   Monica
  D.   Nancy

10. Lastly, Gore makes his point with a blue dot called the Earth. Whose idea was it to take that picture of the Earth?
  A.   Robert Zemeckis
  B.   H. J. Muller
  C.   Frank Drake
  D.   Carl Sagan®   

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