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User Profiles - katkade
Registered on January 4, 2008

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Points from taking Quizzes22,930
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Points from taking Bio Quizzes10,710
Points from Writing Bio Quizzes150
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Total Points46,790

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First Name: Kerry
Last Name: Kaden
Country: AU
Favorite Actor: Robert Redford/Colin Firth
Favorite Actress: Greer Garson/Renee Zellwegger
Favorite Sports Star: Ayrton Senna/Steve Waugh
Favorite Author: Jane Austen/PG Wodehouse
Favorite Musician: Sherbet/TMG/Shania Twain/ Terri Clark
About katkade: I love movies & music & all things romantic (& mainly old-fashioned) as you can tell from my choices above. I also love quizzes, even though I don\'t have a good knowledge & these days I am very forgetful. It is a shame that graphic sex & voilence dominate the movies today.
These days I'm into Facebook games & catching up with friends. I also love Sims 1 passionately.
Airport Sightings: Sir Charles (Bud) Tingwell at Brisbane Domestic Airport in the carpark.®   

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