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Todays Celebrity Birthdays - July 23, 2018
Bert Convy (07/23/1933 - 07/15/1991)
American game show host and panelist, actor and singer best known for hosting the 1970s television game show, "Tattletales," for which he was awarded an Emmy in 1977.
Don Drysdale (07/23/1936 - 07/03/1993)
American right-handed pitcher in Major League Baseball who played in 518 games winning the Cy Young Award in 1962.
Woody Harrelson (07/23/1961 - )
American actor best known for his portrayal as the dim-witted home boy Woody Boyd on the 1980s TV sitcom "Cheers."
Don Imus (07/23/1940 - )
American radio talk show host who is best known for his sarcasm and harsh language he directs towards his guests. His popular radio show, "Imus in the Morning," aired daily from 1979 to 2007.
Karl Menninger (07/23/1893 - 07/18/1990)
20th century American psychiatrist and a member of the famous Menninger family of psychiatrists who founded the Menninger Foundation and the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas.
Pee Wee Reese (07/23/1918 - 08/14/1999)
American professional baseball player who played for the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers from 1940 to 1958. He was a ten-time All Star who contributed to seven league championships for Brooklyn.
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 Slash (07/23/1965 - )
Chain-smoking, hard-drinking lead guitarist of the hard rock band Guns N' Roses from 1985 to 1996. He is currently the lead guitarist of rock band Velvet Revolver.
Marlon Wayans (07/23/1972 - )
African American actor, producer, writer, and director of movies, beginning with his role as a pedestrian in "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka" in 1988.®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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