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Todays Celebrity Birthdays - November 29, 2020
Brian Baumgartner (11/29/1972 - )
American film and television actor who is best known for his role as Kevin Malone in The Office.
Diego Boneta (11/29/1990 - )
Mexican singer and actor best known for playing Rocco in the Mexican soap opera Rebelde and Javier on CW's 90210.
Jeff Fahey (11/29/1952 - )
American actor whose first major role in television was playing Gary Corelli on the ABC soap opera "One Life to Live."
Jon Knight (11/29/1968 - )
American musician who shot to fame in the late 80's with the group "New Kids On The Block." From the 80's to 90's NKOTB played around the world to sold out concerts, and sold millions of albums.
C.S. Lewis (11/29/1898 - 11/22/1963)
Northern Irish author and scholar who is known for his work on medieval literature, Christian apologetics, literary criticism and fiction. He is best known today for his children�s series "The Chronicles of Narnia" (written 1949-54).
Chuck Mangione (11/29/1940 - )
American musician, flugelhorn player and composer who achieved international success with his jazz-pop single, "Feels So Good", in 1977. He has released more than 30 albums from the early 1960s to today.
Ronnie Montrose (11/29/1947 - 03/03/2012)
American rock guitarist who led a number of his own bands as well as performed and did session work with a variety of musicians.
Gena Lee Nolin (11/29/1971 - )
American model and actress who is perhaps most recognized for her television appearences on "Baywatch" and "Price is Right" in the 90's.
Mariano Rivera (11/29/1969 - )
American MLB baseball pitcher who has played for the New York Yankees.
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Garry Shandling (11/29/1949 - 03/24/2016)
American comedian who was the star of the mid-80s variety show "It's Garry Shandling's Show" and "The Larry Sanders Show," and ranked #30 on Comedy Central's list of the 100 greatest standups of all time.
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