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Latest Quizzes Written   -   Trivia Quiz - Nebraska Fun Facts  
Author: bill bill
Latest Quizzes Taken   -   The Andy Griffith Show I.Q. Test  
Author: chancedog chancedog, Last Taken: 59 seconds ago,  Times taken: 2,413,  Average Score:68.9%
Latest Feature Quizzes   -   Blazing Saddles: Movie Quotes  
Another Gene Wilder great! "Sounds like the drunk in number three must be awake."
Author: bill bill, Last Taken: 11 hrs 32 min 30 sec ago,  Times taken: 147,  Average Score:76.8%
Feature Biography - Gene Wilder
PeopleQuiz salutes Gene Wilder, one of the all-time greats. You will be missed "Jim."
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